Hillary's credibility gap

"Yesterday was just the latest reminder that Clinton would probably be trailing in the polls if Republicans had nominated a stronger candidate. Donald Trump, rather than emphasize the damning revelations from Comey’s speech, instead chose to suggest that Clinton tried to “bribe” Attorney General Loretta Lynch and that the system is “rigged.”"
There ya go. The Republicans are just so dysfunctional, so disorganized, so ... whacked ... all they can do is present a clown like Trump, whose strongest suit is an appeal to the tinfoil hat crowd.
All of the more reasoned analyses - eliminating the whackos on the left and on the right (which sadly seems to be the majority of both parties these days) - we see that Comey's findings represent a fairly logical outcome. And a predictable one, but not for the whacko reasons the tinfoil hatters on either side are presenting.
Hillary is, all other things aside, not too shabby a lawyer. She is a lawyer, you know.
She did not lie to the FBI. She didn't.
She lied to the American people. Every analysis points to this. Lying to the American people is not a crime. It's simply what politicians do.
If Comey had recommended prosecution, both sides would have gone completely alpha sierra, rather than just mostly. The trial - and the lead up to the trial - would have been a complete Three Stooges/Keystone Cops political circle jerk ... especially given the likelihood of acquittal.
What Comey did was call a spade a spade - he said she is a liar; he said she is deceitful; he said she can't be trusted with high-level government documents/information. We all knew she is a liar, a cheat, and a security liability ... and now we have the Director of the FBI stating it right out in the open.
So if one votes for Hillary, one is voting for a liar, a cheat, and someone who can't be trusted with gummint secrets. Kind of like Richard Nixon, except for the secrets, or any of a number of other presidents and CongressCreatures, but let's not confuse the issue for the moment.
OTOH, we have ... Gary Johnson.

I wonder if it has dawned on any of the geniuses that are foaming and frothing over The Comey Announcement ... that Comey is a) a Republican; b) a Bush appointee (USA) and a Bush appointee (Deputy AG, the #2 position in the Bush DoJ). Interestingly, his senior thesis at William and Mary examined the belief/doctrinal relationship between Reinhard Niebuhr - a raving liberal - and Jerry Falwell - a raving 'Christian' Rightie, regarding public action.Whatever he is, Comey is no dummy, and is likely the smartest of this entire bunch.
I'm really looking forward to the Congressional hearings, and watching the scum from both sides posture and pander. In my view, both sides of this particular political fence are all lying, self-serving whores. The Obamanians and the Democrats have no redeeming social value; the Republicans are at least as bad, and at the moment, are even worse, as they are trying to paint themselves as something they are not and have never been - truthful, virtuous American patriots.
A syphilitic pox on them all.