Local Republican makes it to the big time

Our own Judy Reyher, chairperson of the Otero Republican machine, has been noticed by such as HuffPo:

"Republican's Facebook post refer to 'black population' as 'hatred-filled beings.'"

She has a ways to go to reach Linda Sorenson's level, though:

African-American addresses Republicans Whose Leader Compared Obama to Chimp

But Dolores Wilson didn't think Sorenson's leadership efforts were all that and a bag of chips:

Linda Sorenson is not the victim here

No matter. Reyher is doing what she does best, and that is represent the deeply-held views of her Otero Republican friends and neighbors.

She has been a good, solid representative of the state's Republican party views for quite some time:

Hitting a nerve

Update: From the front page of FauxNews:

Republican Colorado official steps down after posting Obama meme on Facebook

If that one doesn't work, go here.

The Colorado Republicans have apparently decided that ""There's no room for racism, intended or unintended, in society," [Suppes] said. "It's best for the party, best for the county, that she step down.""

Of course, the cynical among us might wonder ... if that is so, then why did it take the Colorado Republican Party so long to move on it. It's hardly anything new. Perhaps having it blasted all over the 'net by HuffPo and Faux might have something to do with it?

Another excerpt from the Faux story:

Party members said Sorenson also urged people to vote for U.S. Senate candidate Daryl Glenn, even though six Republicans were competing for the right to challenge Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet in the June 28 Republican primaries. Glenn won the primary.

Under party rules, officials of state and local parties, including their leaders, are not allowed to endorse one primary candidate over another.

Our own Judy Reyher was unabashedly endorsing Kimmi Lewis, before the primary. So much so, we thought that Reyher might have been Lewis' campaign manager. How is it that she gets away with that? The fluid application of party rules is almost Hillaresque.