The Comey Conspiracy

So ... the tinfoil hat crowd is slamming Comey as being part of The Conspiracy. I wonder if it has dawned on any of the geniuses that are foaming and frothing over The Comey Announcement ... that Comey is a) a Republican; b) a Bush appointee (USA) and a Bush appointee (Deputy AG, the #2 position in the Bush DoJ).
Interestingly, his senior thesis at William and Mary examined the belief/doctrinal relationship between Reinhard Niebuhr - a raving liberal - and Jerry Falwell - a raving 'Christian' Rightie, regarding public action.
But wait! There *is* fodder to feed the conspiracy theorists! Niebuhr developed a theological theory, a 'perspective,' back in the 1940's and 1950's ... "Christian Realism."
"Christian Realism is a philosophical perspective developed by the theologian and public intellectual Reinhold Niebuhr in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Niebuhr argued that the Kingdom of God cannot be realized on earth because of the innately corrupt tendencies of society. Due to the injustices that arise on earth, a person is therefore forced to compromise the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Niebuhr argued that human perfectibility was an illusion, highlighting the sinfulness of humanity at a time when the world was confronted by the horrors of experiences such World War II, the reigns of both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and the Holocaust. The movement was in part a reaction to the Social Gospel movement. Numerous political figures have been influenced by Christian realism, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Madeleine Albright, and John McCain."
Aha! You see the connection!!!!!!!!! Obama ... Clinton ... Comey ... all influenced by Niebuhr!!!!!!!!
It's part of a New World Order thing, that transcends political party boundaries!
It's a scheme ... it's all a scheme ...