Trump's flapping trap

The Mouth has really got himself into a shit storm, and he just makes it worse every time he opens that flapping trap.

Donald Trump’s Confrontation With Muslim Soldier’s Parents Emerges as Unexpected Flash Point

The confrontation between the parents, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, and Mr. Trump has emerged as an unexpected and potentially pivotal flash point in the general election. Mr. Trump has plainly struggled to respond to the reproach of a military family who lost a son, and he has repeatedly answered the Khan family’s criticism with harsh and defensive rhetoric.

And Mr. Trump’s usual political tool kit has appeared to fail him. He earned no reprieve with his complaints that Mr. Khan had been unfair to him; on Sunday morning, he claimed on Twitter that Mr. Khan had “viciously attacked” him. Mr. Trump and his advisers tried repeatedly to change the subject to Islamic terrorism, to no avail.

Trump is such a pathetic whiner. He couldn't bully Khizr and Ghazala Khan ... so now he is whining.

Other Republicans went much further than Mr. Ryan and Mr. McConnell in chiding Mr. Trump. Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, who is seeking re-election, said the Khans deserved the utmost respect: “I am appalled that Donald Trump would disparage them and that he had the gall to compare his own sacrifices to those of a Gold Star family.”

The biggest sacrifice Trump has made is showing up at sporting events with the world's worst combover.