Veterans for Kaepernick

Veterans for Kaepernick

As the controversy grew, members of the military and veterans took to social media using the hashtag #VeteransForKaepernick, which started trending worldwide on Tuesday.

"It's a misconception that every military member is furious at what his protest when there are those that are proud. #veteransforkaepernick" wrote an Instagram user called TreyFade.

It really isn't all that hard to understand, but first, you have to have some clue as to what "American values" really are.

People like Trump, Sarah Palin, public officials who post #fuckKaepernick ... all need to get a grip on what this country is supposed to be about, because clearly, it isn't what they think it's about.

Don't use my service--or that of any veteran--to justify the silencing of black Americans. Not on my watch. 

Yeah. What he said.

I did five tours in Southeast Asia; two in-country and three in Thailand. I didn't serve so arrogant self-styled 'patriots' could play on that service, twisting its meaning to justify their ignorant fascist views regarding Kaepernick, or any other American.

I would further suggest that any elected or appointed official who exercises Constitutional authority over the citizenry - that is, law enforcement authority; judicial authority; anything requiring an impartial exercise of power affecting the Constitutional rights of the citizenry - who participates in that #fuckkapernick nonsense needs to seriously re-evaluate his/her role in matters. Did they not pay attention to that oath of office they took?

Protestant, Catholic Views of Clinton and Trump Not Monolithic

Protestant, Catholic Views of Clinton and Trump Not Monolithic

This is a really good analysis of how different groups view the candidates, based on race and religion.

WaPo did an article yesterday, 'Trump has a Catholic Problem.' The article tended to be somewhat simplified. The Gallup article goes deeper, without resorting to a lot of pollster-speak.

The article's author, Frank Newport, is Gallup's editor-in-chief. He has also written a book, 'God is Alive and Well', in which he discusses in detail the complex relationships between these racial and religious groups.

It's also available on Amazon, as well as from Gallup Press.

New post on The Contemplative Crafter

Leece is doing a series on the biblical fruits as we see them in Galatians 5: 22-23 as they are found by engaging in crafting.

Her latest is 'The Fruit of Joy in Crafting'.

Earlier posts include 'The Fruit of Love in Crafting,' and 'The Fruit of Love in Crafting Part II.'

Nursery Tales

Our good friends at Ocearch have been going slightly nuts lately, tagging at least nine baby great whites in the last few weeks.

These are this year's pups. This is the first time anyone has run across so many pups.

What will really be interesting will be to see if DNA samples match up with the big adult females Ocearch has tagged - Mary Lee and Katherine, for example.

Great White nursery?

Here is Ocearch's main site, which includes the shark tracker:


Here is Mary Lee's tracking history:

Since being tagged nearly four years ago, she has traveled nearly 35,000 miles. Here is a shot of the 16 footer at the time she was tagged and released:

A couple of years back, as we were visiting Ocracoke, Mary Lee pinged near the mouth of Ocracoke's harbor - inside Pamlico Sound!

Seasonal Flashbacks

It was about this time of the year, in 1969, that Pathet Lao forces, heavily reinforced by North Vietnamese Army units, regained control of the Plain of Jars in Laos. This began a 'see-saw' of losses and gains in the Lao civil war that would continue for the next few years.

This was the United States' "secret war" in Laos.  As you can see:

  • Over 270 million cluster bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War (210 million more bombs than were dropped on Iraq in 1991, 1998 and 2006 combined); up to 80 million did not detonate.
  • Nearly 40 years on, less than 1% of these munitions have been destroyed.More than half of all confirmed cluster munitions casualties in the world have occurred in Laos.
  • Each year there are now just under 50 new casualties in Laos, down from 310 in 2008. Close to 60% of the accidents result in death, and 40% of the victims are children.
  • Between 1993 and 2016, the U.S. contributed on average $4.9M per year for UXO clearance in Laos; the U.S. spent $13.3M per day (in 2013 dollars) for nine years bombing Laos.
  • In just ten days of bombing Laos, the U.S. spent $130M (in 2013 dollars), or more than it has spent in clean up over the past 24 years ($118M).
the Laotian civilian population is still paying for all of this military excitement. It's easier to be a rabidly super-patriotic flag-waver if you don't trouble yourself with these little details.

The most spectacular dustup came at Long Tieng and Skyline Ridge, in northern Laos.

From the Wayback Machine:

Pulling the safety wires on external Mk 82 500 pound GP bombs

M117 750 pound GP's, internal stores

072, a B-52D, loaded and nearly ready to launch on a strike near Long Tieng. 072 was the second ship of Copper cell - call sign Copper 2.

Copper 1, seen from Copper 2, en route to Long Tieng. B-52's flew in 3-ship cells, with the 1st on the attack axis centerline, and the other two displaced 500 feet laterally either side. They would be stepped 500 feet in altitude, and in trail by either 1 mile or 2 miles, depending on mission parameters.

Munitions area at U-Tapao RTAB. By this time in the war, we were launching a good many BUFFs from this base on the Gulf of Siam, rather than from Guam or Kadena.

Another shot of the munitions area, with the main runway beyond

Fr. Rohr: "The World"

From today's meditation, "The World"

Two things pop out for me:

Mature spirituality creates willing people instead of willful people. We slowly unfold in response to love and grace and freedom, rather than in mere reaction to the illusions of others. Without this insight, religion largely creates rigid, unhappy, and judgmental people. When we try to take charge of our own “enlightenment,” when we try to be fully in control of our own “purity” and superiority, our attitude becomes pushing and demanding—ego assertion, even if it looks like religious ego assertion. I think this is what so many people rightly dislike and mistrust about religious people: in the name of the good, will power creates a well-disguised bad. Jesus was a master and genius at recognizing this problem.


Immature religion creates people who know what they are against, but have a very poor sense of what they are for. They are against sin, always as they narrowly define it; but they are seldom for love or actually for anything except the status quo where they think they are in control. 

Wading through the theological cesspools is difficult enough, especially the ones we find in our churches. It's hard enough to find anything resembling a 'true path' without being distracted by God's professionals.

We find our favorite heretic to be very useful:

Thomas Jay Oord: For the Love of Wisdom and the Wisdom of Love

Electoral entertainment

The Swinkian School Board fiasco pales in comparison:

Jailed in teen sex scandal, Joseph Morrissey is front-runner for mayor of Richmond, Virginia

Why can't we have this kind of electoral entertainment? It would keep half the state having gossip fits for months.


Fish and chips

A priest was on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. It was a stormy, wet Friday night. The priest had tried a shortcut, but had become lost, and found himself wandering through a stone-ridden pasture in the hills just off the main road.

The priest stumbled onto a small monastery, the lights glowing warmly through the sleeting rain.

He was welcomed in the best traditions of the Rule of Benedict, Chapter 53: "All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: I was a stranger and you welcomed me. And to all let due honor be shown, especially to the domestics of the faith and to pilgrims."

The priest was served a plain but delicious meal of fish and chips. In fact, these were the best fish and chips the priest had ever experienced. The batter on the fish was perfectly seasoned, and the fish was moistly juicy, tender, and flaking. The chips were also perfectly seasoned, with just that little bit of crunch on the edges. It was difficult for the priest to resist the sin of gluttony.

After dinner, the priest went into the kitchen to thank the chef. He was met by two brothers, who introduced themselves as Brother Michael and Brother Francis.

The priest said to the brothers, "I'm so pleased to meet you. I wanted to thank you for the delicious dinner; it was the best fish and chips I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. May I ask which of you cooked what?"

Brother Michael replied, in humble fashion, "Well ... I am the fish friar ... ".

And the priest turned to Brother Francis, and said, "Then you must be ...".

"Yes," responded Brother Francis, "I am the chip monk."

Richard Rohr

Fr. Richard is one of our faves. He has really been on a roll recently, with his series of Daily Meditations.

Today's is particularly good, and certainly apropos considering all that is going on in America today:

'Staying Watchful'

To become aware of God’s presence in our lives, we have to accept what is often difficult, particularly for people in what appears to be a success-driven culture. We have to accept that human culture is in a mass hypnotic trance. Plato already said this, as most religions do at the higher levels. We are sleep-walkers, “seeing through a glass darkly” (1 Corinthians 13:12). Wisdom teachers from many traditions have recognized that we human beings do not naturally see; we have to be taught how to see.

The archives for August are here.

"America ... love it or leave it ..."

My God, how I hated that bumper sticker, back during the war. The Vietnam war.

It was always on the bumper of a car owned by one of the saber-rattling super-patriots.

Implicit in its meaning was the attitude that if you didn't buy into the way things were going, you need to leave.

How about staying, and trying to change things for the better? Ending the war. Ending the insanely useless killing.

Today, we are seeing Mein Fuehrer on the same rant:

 "I think it’s personally not a good thing," Trump told Seattle radio station KIRO when asked about the controversy. "I think it’s a terrible thing, and you know, maybe he should find a country that works better for him, let him try, it’s not gonna happen."

How about he stays, and tries to change the way things are. Though Kaepernick has chosen poorly - in my opinion, which is just an opinion - I do not doubt that he loves this country as much as any of the rest of us.

Kaepernick doesn't like the way some things are going, and he wants to bring about change. It is also clear to me that Kaepernick, despite his methodology - or perhaps because of it - has shown a better understanding of 'Americanism' than has Trump and his followers.

I can't fault him for that.

Trump, as usual, is appealing to the mindless, unthinking hordes, our modern version of an American Sturmabteilung.

I will stand with Kaepernick, and not with Trump. Despite his manner of protest, I think Kaepernick is a better example of an American patriot than is Donald Trump, the hate-mongering racist who does best in fragmenting the nation and pitting one group against another.


Another Starnsian Patriotic Meltdown

High school bans American flag at football stadium

Starnes claims to be a "Christian," though you would never know it from his smugly smarmy self-righteousness when it comes to matters of God and Country. Like almost all of his indignant rants, this one is based on half-truths and not a small measure of slanted innuendo.

The flags were banned because of thuggish behavior on the part of the aggrieved super-patriots. The home boys were playing against a team from a town with a large Hispanic component.

Last game, the flag-wavin' super-patriots waved their flags and taunted the visitors, "Go home!" "Go home!" It doesn't take much imagination to realize they meant 'go home to Mexico, you filthy beaners.'

From the Greenville News:

Berea High Principal Mike Noel issued a statement in support of Lavely.

"I am in full support of Mr. Lavely's actions at the football game on Friday night. He was protecting the greatest symbol of our nation, the American Flag. His decision was based on the premise that the American flag should not be used in a disrespectful or unsportsmanlike like manner. He made the right decision", Noel said in an email statement from the school district.

So this game, the principal said ... "No flags."

And he was right. Is right. If there is any dishonor brought to the flag and the memory of those who died 'protecting and defending the Constitution," it is in the actions of the scum who introduced racism and disrespect under the cover of the flag.

Some say, why not allow the flags and throw the offenders out. The problem with that one is ... you have them in the stadium, and rather than go peacefully, they throw a 'patriotic' tantrum, and the whole affair turns into a mess.

It's all quite Trumpian. Starnes, of course, doesn't see it that way, and is quite happy whipping the masses into a frenzy. It's all very "Christian" in a Trumpian sort of way.

Update 0650/08.30.2016:

High school reverses ban on American flags

 Typical Starnes.

... He [the principal]based this decision on current students’ request that he judge them on their own merits and not based on the actions of past students.  As a result, effective immediately, students are allowed to bring the American Flag to any and all Travelers Rest High School events.  Instead of restricting possession of the flag, the TRHS administration will, if needed, address the misuse of the Flag, or any other inappropriate behavior, on an individual basis.

The students admit that they - some of them - were involved in dishonoring the flag by using it as a screen for racism and thuggery. That is what prompted the ban in the first place. Starnes glosses right over that, and in Goebbelsian manner, whips the masses to a 'patriotic' frenzy. Let's see what happens if they engage in their SA Brown Shirt behaviors again.

Trump is missing a bet by not offering Starnes his Minister of Propaganda - oooops - 'communications director' position.

Given the mindlessness behind a lot of this 'patriotic' fervor, what's the liklihood of the cops trying to toss the misbehaving thugs, and in the process inciting a bunch of other thugs - all flag-wavin' All-American super-patriots, of course - into a full-fledged riot.

The principal did the right thing. The problem is not the principal; it is the rude, boorish buffoons who think hiding behind the flag while screaming racist insults is 'patriotism.

Rather than condemn the principal, parents should teach their kids manners and respect for others - and respect for the flag and what it represents.

Kaepernick redux

Quarterback sacked

“My view is [the anthem] is about honoring the people that served and made the commitment to our country, some who even made the ultimate sacrifice. When I stand, that's what I'm standing for. I'm standing for the people that came before my father and the people that came after him.”


So while Kaepernick has a God-given - it's right there in the Constitution - right to freedom of expression ... so does everyone else.

Some express it well. Some - the jersey burners, the ranters and ravers - less so. And of course, there are those who would do violence as their contribution to making the man understand True American Values™.

But the bottom line is that Kaepernick has chosen a poor way to express his concerns, and he is not likely to convince many of the point he is trying to make.

Meanwhile ... that "For the Love of Liberty" thing?

It's going to take a lot more than throwing a funny-looking ball to top that.

But on the other hand ... there's the rest of the story:

"The Grand Trumpian Immigration Follies of 2016"

WaPo has a pretty good article on Ol' Foot in Mouth's upcoming 'major' speech.

(snarkily snerky little WaPo side comment: "does any Trump speech fail to merit that label?")

WaPo thinks it will be another Trumpian farce:

But it is more likely that instead of clarifying his stance on mass deportations, Trump will instead try to shift the subject away from them entirely. That’s because Trump’s big lie about mass deportations — i.e., that he would carry them out swiftly and humanely, thus Making America Great Again — is falling apart. And he’s now trying to replace that lie by foregrounding another lie.

And I'm pretty sure they will be proven correct.

The author goes on:

The real reason Trump is now shifting away from mass deportations is almost too obvious to restate: It is probably alienating the college educated whites and white women — swing constituencies — that he simply must improve among if he is to have a chance at winning. And so, Trump is now downplaying this goal, by saying that his priority is to remove “criminal” illegal immigrants. The game here is to sound more reasonable to swing voters who are horrified by mass deportations and generally support mass assimilation, by projecting a recognition that not all of them are full blown criminals.

When Ol' Foot in Mouth starts going on about 'mass deportations' this is what comes to mind:

You might think that's far-fetched. It would be ... but for so many other of Ol' Foot in Mouth's utterances, and the thuggish behavior of so many of the Trumpkins (Trump's Sturmabteilung).

And, as we have seen, Trump openly encourages his Sturmabteilung to do violence:

Trump also increasingly appeals to white supremacist groups, and his supporters behave more like SA brownshirts than supporters of a political candidate in America.

So let's see how Ol' Foot in Mouth tries to deflect attention from his asinine 'plan' for mass deportations, and let's see how his more rabid supporters swallow his excuses hook, line, and sinker.

Meanwhile ...

In another time, it was 'Die Juden!'. In our time, it is 'The Mexicans!'

The difference in mindset is - at the moment - only one of degree.



Kaepernick's refusal

Niners QB Kaepernick refuses to stand for anthem in protest
Well ... let's watch the flag-wavin' super-patriots go alpha sierra over this one.
But the 49ers got this right:
"In respecting such American principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose to participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.''

I don't agree with his position, though, because I think his explanation, as presented, is shallow. I think he might want to take a watch of "For Love of Liberty" and put it in perspective there. He will see men and women who had and who have a lot more sand than does he, and certainly most of the BLM clowns. By refusing to stand, I think he is dissing all those portrayed in "For Love of Liberty," and more.

Update 0750/08.28.2016. Prompted by some discussions on FB ... Almost all of the flag-waving super-patriots I have come across have never served in uniform, and have sacrificed little or nothing.

They become enraged over people who refuse to recite the pledge of allegiance, or who burn or otherwise 'desecrate' flags. They want such people jailed; some are willing to assault such people, beat them up ... for what? To teach them all about 'American values?'

I find flag-burning, etc to be a very poor means of trying to make a point, but I believe it to be protected 'speech'. I think it is, and so does the Supreme Court. Our Constitution says so, buried there in the First Amendment.

I believe Kaepernick's form of protest to be a poor one, but it is his God-given right to do it that way. I think so, and so does the Supreme Court, and our Constitution says so.

It's not my fault that the flag-waving super-patriots' critical thinking skills are so poorly developed that they can't see it; that their emotional development ceased somewhere at the kindergarten level.

I've written about this elsewhere. The oath I have taken many times has always been to 'protect and defend the Constitution.' That means I 'protect and defend' Kaepernick's form of protest. I don't like it, I don't have to like it, but that's where I stand with it. That's where the Constitution stands with it.

Those who have served in uniform, yet who engage in the rabid psuedo-Americanism of the flag-waving super-patriots would do well to take a good think on the oath they took, and what it really means.

Update 1030/08.28.2016. And yet another perspective. I particularly like this one:

I thought long and deeply all day today over your actions. My initial reaction was harsh and pretty vicious but as I thought longer I thought it would be more beneficial to send you this message. I hope it goes viral and reaches you.

What you did last night by sitting down through the national anthem because, and I quote "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," he said. "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder." was the act of a coward.

Your action was selfish and self serving. You knew this would be seen by thousands and would proceed to cause a shit storm that would now be talked about by millions, myself included. Your actions solved and will solve nothing but cause further divide in a nation already brutally divided. As the Mother of a Marine and friend to so many Marines, Blue Star MoMs and Gold Star MoMs, I see first hand selfless and humble statements made every day. Not for glory or attention (negative or positive) but in service to help others.

What you could have done, which would have gone so much further, was to take some of those millions you earn, and quietly head to your nearest oppressed, crime ridden poor city and make a substantial contribution towards the churches, schools and community outreach programs that give children and families a chance to get a better education and get help to get out of their circumstances.

The same cities that white and black, men and women, work in every night in uniform, protecting those children and families. I did not see or hear of you doing any of these selfless acts. I did however hear of your behavior. You are now part of the problem when you had an awesome chance to be part of the solution.

Have you ever heard of iamangelfoundation? Founded by a man who grew up in the worst of the worst neighborhoods and decided to be part of the solution, not the problem. You should lead by example and not the one you made last night. I urge you, if you think America and it's beautiful majestic flag is so offensive or abhorrent, then I recommend you visit the house of a Gold Star Family because I can bet that American Flag covering the wooden box that their son or daughter came home in, is proudly displayed on their wall. Their loss was in honor of someone who had a heroes heart, the heart of a warrior. You could learn from that.

Be well and I wish you deeper appreciation and respect in life.

This proud ass Marine MoM.. (KW)

The Clinton Foundation

Trump, GOP call on Clinton to release schedule before Election Day

Ol' Foot in Mouth says it is 'unacceptable' that State is refusing to release the Clinton Crime Syndicate's schedule before Election Day.

For once, we are in 'agreeance.'

However ... it is also unacceptable that Trump has refused to release his tax returns; that we are relying on a quack's downright silly note on the state of Trump's health while he and the Trumpkins are making the most insane claims about Hillary's health ...

Show me the tax returns.

Show me a credible health report.

Show me the visa. An irrational birther like Trump should understand where that one's coming from.


"...no right to speak..."

This latest bit of buffoonery over the Swink school board gives me flashbacks to similar buffoonery with the La Junta school board.

School boards are among the most arrogant of our elected officials. To give you some idea of the depths of that arrogance, here is a reprint of a blog post from 11.16.2010:


At the last East Otero R-1 school board meeting, board member Debbie Hansen briefed the board on a seminar she had recently attended. The seminar, hosted by the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB), covered some legal issues boards might face. Public participation was apparently among those issues, for Hansen shared with the board that she had learned that the public has no right to speak at school board meetings. The rest of the board seems to go along with the idea that the public has a right to speak only to the extent that the board grants that right.

The public has no right to address a board of elected officials at a public meeting? Our elected officials "grant" us the right to speak?

I asked the CASB legal staff about that. Here is the salient content from the CASB answer:

None of these laws [Colorado open meetings and school board specific statutes] obligate public entities to include an opportunity for public comment as part of a public meeting.

Which, of course, is true. Why would they? A citizen's right to petition for redress of grievances, which is generally why we want to comment at board meetings, is rather adequately covered in the 1st Amendment to the federal Constitution, and in Article II section 24 of the Colorado Constitution:

The people have the right ... to apply to those invested with the powers of government for redress of grievances, by petition or remonstrance.

 A "petition of grievance" can take many forms; it can be as simple as "Please tell me why you spent a pile of tax money" on a particular project. Given that this board has yet to see a funding proposal it doesn't like, that may be a very pertinent question.

The right of citizens to address their locally elected officials is an American tradition that arises well before our Revolution and the Constitution. How can a local board of elected officials be so arrogant as to tell citizens that they have no right to speak before them? The laws cited by CASB, the school board protective association, do not say that a citizen has no right to speak - they simply don't address the issue at all. It is the CASB legal staff who are presuming to tell us this means we have no right to speak. And while many boards may give citizens two or three minutes to speak, given the complexity of most school board matters these days, such a limit arguably amounts to constructive denial.

I suspect that should a citizen actually be denied the opportunity to speak in a reasonable and reasoned manner before a school board, the legal staff of both CASB and the board in question could find themselves gainfully employed for some time to come. If CASB and board counsel can find for denial of the right to speak in the references cited, certainly the ACLU and similar civil rights watchdogs can argue the opposite. For years, one would think. Do not our school boards have better things to do than insult the very people who elected them? And have they learned nothing from the recent election, where a thoroughly disgusted electorate gave the boot to government officials who refused to listen?

BTW ... you could consider this post to be a form of that "remonstrance" mentioned in the state Constitution.

"Political Correctness"

These days, Ol' Hoof in Mouth is really appealing to his Sturmabteilung by his 'upfront' and 'refreshingly honest' lack of 'political correctness.'

The problem with that is this. Ol' Hoof in Mouth is not challenging 'political correctness' with reasoned opposition. He is resorting to verbal thuggery, brash rudeness, and a total lack of civility. Some of his Sturmabteilung are resorting to physical thuggery, with Ol' Hoof in Mouth's full approval.

Our earlier post about the Swink school board calls to question some - most, actually - of the garbage posted on board member Scott Amrhein's FB page. Amrhein has a photo on his page, of a whining child, captioned, "If anything on my page offends you, don't blame me; blame your parents - they raised a pussy."

With that, Amrhein claims the right to post any kind of crap he wants, discounting any who don't agree as 'pussies.'

Well ... it doesn't quite work that way. As an individual, Amrhein has the right to post whatever bungholish and ignorant garbage on his FB page that he wishes - until FB has enough of it, and pulls his plug.

If Amrhein wishes to parade his loutishness and ignorance in full view of the community, well ...OK. Have at it. I don't have to look at it, and that would be all that needs to be said or done.

But this fellow is a member of the school board. He sits on the governing board of the schools that educate our kids. He is part of the governing body that sets policy, selects teachers, provides the steerage and direction for the entire school district.

Now, when we see the content of Amrhein's FB page, we have considerable insight into the mentality of at least one of the school board members.

And so we ask the question ... is that mentality what we want setting school district policy, selecting teachers, providing steerage and direction for the entire school district?

Is someone who thinks the Klan is funny someone we want on the school board?

Is someone who thinks suicide bombers are amusing, posing with guns, presumably fake bombs, and dressed as caricatures of Muslim suicide bombers someone we want on the school board?

Turkey just invaded Syria over the slaughter of a wedding party by a suicide bomber.

We have our servicemen and servicewomen buried in our cemeteries, victims of suicide bombers.

I have two grandkids in the Marines, who will surely deploy to the Sandbox in the not-so-distant future.

I don't think Amrhein is amusing at all. I don't think he has any place on the school board. And if the two school board members to whom he forwards his garbage - Bamber and Clodfelter - are of similar mindset, neither do they.

That's not being a 'pussy.'

That's standing up to ignorant loutishness.

Women's Equality Day

That's today.

Remember Bella Abzug?

Back in 1971, she was a Dem rep from New York State. It was Bella who twisted the Congressional arm to commemorate every August 26 as "Women's Equality Day," as a sort of celebration in remembrance of women's suffrage. August 26, 1920, was the day ratification the 19th Amendment was certified.

As the old commercial used to say - somewhat condescendingly, but still, the message was there - "You've come a long way, baby!"

But not quite far enough, as the inequality in pay continues to fester.

Vanessa McGrady writes a bit about this in Forbes:

'Women's Equality Day' Rubs Salt In The Pay-Gap Wound


Waffling on the waffles

Ol' Hoof in Mouth is really doing some serious Buck-pedaling these days.

No legal status for undocumented immigrants

Donald Trump ruled out Thursday a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants in the United States, walking back comments he made earlier this week in which he appeared open to the idea.

But the Republican nominee declined in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper to clarify whether he would still forcibly deport the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US -- a major tenet of his immigration platform -- after he suggested this week he was "softening" on the idea.

Seriously. He's beginning to sound like Ken Buck, back when he made his run for the Senate.

Wonder how all this is sitting with the far right base that got him the nomination, based on all that tough talk on illegals.

"Trigger warnings" and "Safe spaces"

This is pretty good. A university finally draws a line in the sand.

U. of C. tells incoming freshmen it does not support 'trigger warnings' or 'safe spaces'

"It is not the proper role of the University to attempt to shield individuals from ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, disagreeable, or even deeply offensive," the report states. "Although the University greatly values civility, and although all members of the University community share in the responsibility for maintaining a climate of mutual respect, concerns about civility and mutual respect can never be used as a justification for closing off discussion of ideas, however offensive or disagreeable those ideas may be to some members of our community."

I like the tone of the letter. I like the emphasis on civility, and operating in a climate of mutual respect.

These days, both are in short supply.

Northwestern Nazarene University has been dealing with something similiar for the last couple of  years. This has to do with a professor whom the fundamentalists in the denomination really detest. They don't like what he has to say ... so they managed to get him booted.

Northwest Nazarene University rethinks academic freedom; no easy answers

The school claims it was 'budgetary.' That has no credibility. Here's what is really all about:

Northwest Nazarene professor shares views on God, loses academic freedom

I don't know why NNU just doesn't follow the examples already set by more secular universities - U of C being a notable exception..
"Colleges today are more diverse than ever, and students are lobbying across the country for their universities to provide a safe space, or inclusive environment where students of any race, gender, sexuality, class and ability can go to find compassion and empathy while escaping the pressures of prejudice."
I'm not sure how hiding in a 'safe space' where you don't have to listen to opposing or different or 'uncomfortable' thoughts by others contributes to 'diversity,'  What are these students going to do when they get out into the real world and find that curling up into the fetal position is really not an option?
Still, if NNU wants to follow current educational theory, all they have to do is set up a 'safe space.' A sound-proof room, where students and their parents can sit, and plug in some ear buds, and listen to really loud David Barton speeches.
Kind of like when kids cover their ears and babble 'Nananananananana I can't hear you!' when they want to drown out people they don't like.

The Puppetmasters

Looks like the new puppet masters are gaining control over The Mouth. He's saying pretty much what they are telling him to say. Apparently that includes some serious waffling on immigration; Ol' Foot in Mouth isn't sounding nearly the badass now as he did before the convention. Looks like he sold himself to that 'Hispanic advisory committee' last Saturday. What happened to all that tough talk?
But we've already seen what a horse's ass he is, relying pretty much on lies and sleazy innuendo to whip his Sturmabteilung to a frenzy. Him staying on a script written for him by his new puppet masters doesn't change that.

Warning shots

US fires warning shots

USS Squall (PC-7) is a Cyclone-class coastal patrol ship. She is well armed; the heaviest weapon aboard is the Mk 38 chain gun - the naval variant of the M242 gun used in the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. She could grind an Iranian patrol boat to mincemeat in short order.

The Swink school board

I'm particularly impressed with the paint job on the car - the Confederate flag motif. That by itself is hardly a big deal ... but tied in with the reference to his klan robe, I'm thinking ... that's a great standard to be setting for the Princeton of the Plains' governing board.

I'm also impressed with the dedication to quality education we see implied in the 'Don't need no schoolin' thing.

I'm not all that offended by it, not really ... I just think it's pathetic that this is what we have sitting on the board that oversees the education of our kids.

Update 1930/08.25.2016: Actually, having thunk about it a bit, I am all that offended about it. It takes a real ignorant twit to crack funnies about the Klan.

Is this all that amusing?

or this?

I remember watching this on the evening news:

It wasn't funny then, and it is not funny now. That's the Klan. That's the Klan mentality in the minds of the Selma police and Alabama state troopers. It's a joke, is it? Only to a childish, ignorant twit.

We tell the kids to be careful what they post on FB; if nothing else, because employers include social media checks on backgrounders for hiring. At the big "Don't be an unsportsmanlike lout" parents' briefing in the Swink gym, 'inappropriate' behaviors on FB were specifically mentioned ... because it discredits the school.

What then, is this, coming from a member of the school board. Is this representative of the Swink community? 


"Many people are saying ..."

"Employing a witches' brew of vague but inflammatory language, the Republican presidential nominee has repeatedly amplified and offered roundabout endorsements to conspiracy theories and outright lies by presenting them, in speeches and interviews, with an increasingly dubious caveat."
"Many people are saying ..."
"Nobody talks about it ..." (except Ol' Foot In Mouth Trump, of course, in vague and nebulous manner)
"I heard ... "
And the Sturmabteilung gobble it up.

Inciting violence?

Donald "Ol' Foot in Mouth" Trump has the Dems pinging off the walls, with his recent comments about the Second Amendment:

“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” Trump said with a shrug at a rally here after accusing Clinton of wanting to strip Americans of their gun rights. He paused, then softly offered a postscript: “Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

The Dems insist that Ol' Foot in Mouth is inciting the gun nuts to take up arms against the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Even some Republicans expressed concern, if only about the 'awkwardness' of Ol' Foot in Mouth's phrasing:

... Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), one of Trump’s most ardent defenders, struggled to fully embrace his comments. Sessions insisted in an interview on CNN that Trump did not mean to encourage violence, but he acknowledged that Trump’s words were “awkwardly phrased.”

Trumpkins are pooh-poohing the very idea that Ol' Foot in Mouth was fomenting revolution:

“In no way was he threatening Hillary,” said Sarah Smith, a 72-year-old retiree who attended the rally in Wilmington where Trump made the remark. “Anybody who thinks that is delusional.”

Well ... here's the thing. A 'normal' person might - almost certainly would - see through the 'awkwardness', might not even see the 'awkwardness', and make no connection between Ol' Foot in Mouth's comment and incitement to violence ... if the 'normal' person were listening to a 'normal' candidate.

But Trump knows full well what kind of mentalities he has out there in his Sturmabteilung, his Brown Shirts, the ones who scream  "Kill the bitch!" in  reference to the Clinton Crime Syndicate, shout "F**k the nigger!" in reference to President Obama, kick and beat anti-Trump protestors ... all with the glowing acquiescence and tacit approval of their Leader.

I don't believe for a minute that Trump didn't know exactly what he was doing with that comment. He planted the seed in the minds (I use the term loosely) of his Sturmabteilung. Then, feigning wide-eyed innocence, he claims, "I did no such thing ...".

Yeah, Trump, you did.


Gooses and ganders

The noodie shots in the New York Post seem to have had some repercussions. How could she have shot those in 1995 - which she did - when she insists she did not come to the US till 1996.

I wonder if she paid the taxes on her US earnings.

Trump was one of the biggest of the birthers. "Show me the birth certificate!"


Show me the visa. Let's have some answers to the reasonable questions posed by WaPo.

Don't hold your breath.

“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”

So ... remember when Ol' 1Y went alpha sierra over the ad that showed a Melania noodie?

He blamed Ted Cruz for it.

Melania Trump naked ad angers Donald Trump

This is what led Ol' 1Y to take his cheap, spineless, gutless, low-rent, no-balls shots at Heidi Cruz.

Which is why Ted Cruz basically told Ol' 1Y and the RNC to pound sand when it came to endorsing The Mouth.

Yet the RNC and the Trumpian Sturmabteilung really expected Cruz to swallow Trump's shit and endorse him ... and threw thuggian hissy fits over his refusal to do so. I say good on Cruz ... if Cruz had decked Ol' 1Y at the convention I would have been the first to stand up and cheer. But all that's another story.

Liz Mair has copped to releasing the ad, and she states that Cruz had nothing to do with it. Nothing. Cruz maintained all along he had nothing to do with it. Now Mair confirms that. Actually, she confirmed it back in March.

That didn't stop Ol' 1Y from shooting himself in both feet before sticking them in his mouth.

Now ... hold that thought, of Ol' 1Y going nuclear on Ted Cruz, and watch this:

McCain waffles on the question of Trump being trusted with the nukes

But this moment also captures just how awkward supporting Trump is growing for Republicans — and indeed how reckless it is — as his instability and erratic behavior become more and more evident to everyone. McCain should be a safe incumbent, but he’s facing a potentially tough reelection fight, perhaps in part because Trump’s abusiveness and demagoguery are alienating Latino voters (of which there are many in Arizona) to an untold degree. Trump has repeatedly questioned the war hero status of McCain — “I like people that weren’t captured, okay?” he once said — which has also alarmed Republicans about Trump’s temperament. In recent days, as Trump attacked the family of a Muslim-American killed in combat, that alarm has escalated into widespread GOP panic that the Republican nominee for president is now revealing himself to be deeply, catastrophically unfit for the job.

What was it that the Clinton Crime Syndicate boss said?

“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”

Sieg Heil redux

Here's a video that shows the foaming-at-the-mouth fascist moonbats that seem to gravitate toward Trump's little Sturmabteilung lovefests ... aka 'political rallies.'

Unfiltered voices from Trump supporters

"Kill the nigger" (in reference to Obamba); "Kill the bitch" (in reference to Hillary).

Ol' 1Y encourages this. He denies that, but he puts a lot of effort into whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

Very presidential, that.

Seig Heil.

"He's a loud-mouthed dick"


Liz Mair certainly put that one out there. Ol' 1Y surely must appreciate her direct manner.

Who is Liz Mair, you ask?

Liz Mair Wiki article
Biography from Liz Mair website

A somewhat more pneumatic Ann Coulter. Doesn't seem to be as shrill, either, though I suspect from her history she's a bit of a loose cannon herself.

But she does have Ol' 1Y pegged pretty good. Remember the first noodie of Melania? That was Liz:

 People can blame me if they don’t like the ad.  The fact is, the ad worked. The ad did exactly what we intended it to do and it’s done far more than that. The reality is that part of the reason that Donald Trump is tanking right now is because he’s bothered spending a week and a half getting pissed off and acting like a toddler having a major meltdown over this ad.

Here is the ad in question:

I remember when Trump went alpha sierra over that. But then . .. the rest of the story came out in NYP.

and Ol' 1Y just blew it off.

This stuff is a downhome hoot. Who cares about the Russians, the Iranians, ISIS, the NORKS, or the Chinese. We gots T&A shots of Melania. The electorate continues to come to grips with the vital issues of the day.

Sieg Heil!

Trump Supporters Reportedly Beat Black Lives Matter Protester At Campaign Rally

“At least a half-dozen attendees shoved and tackled the protester, a black man, to the ground as he refused to leave the event,” Diamond reported for CNN. “At least one man punched the protester and a woman kicked him while he was on the ground.”

America's 'Christian' conservatives sure gave this guy a lesson in American values, didn't they?

Ol' 1Y Trump says, "This is a movement like people have never seen ...".

Yes ... we have:

Trump's Eleven Minutes

Amid GOP distress, Trump gets on message -- briefly

And then, he showed his ass once again. Rather than deal with the important issues of the day, Ol' 1Y went into his Jerry Springer middle school playground act ... and the geniuses in his audience just ate it up.

For the remaining 40 minutes, Trump served up the red meat and comic indignation that his rowdy supporters expected after waiting several hours in the hot Florida sun.

He dredged up everything from his contentious primary battle in Florida to his claim that Muslims danced in the streets of New Jersey after the 9/11 attacks to the controversial comments he made about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly nearly a year earlier.

"I meant her nose or her ears or her mouth. But these people were perverted and they think it's another location," Trump said as he launched into another exercise in lambasting the press.

He even joked about an attack ad that used footage of him playing golf: "At least my swing looked good. Thank you, Hillary," Trump said.

Yep. "Ol' 1Y" Trump kept his wits about him for 11 minutes.Then he went back to feeding his mob of wannabe BrownShirts.

"I just want to tell you the campaign is doing really well. It's never been so well united," Trump said. "We started on June 16. I would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. We're doing incredibly well."

Keep on drinking the Kool Aid and smoking the Hopium, there, "Ol; 1Y." You're making it incredibly easy for the Clinton Crime Syndicate.