“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”

So ... remember when Ol' 1Y went alpha sierra over the ad that showed a Melania noodie?

He blamed Ted Cruz for it.

Melania Trump naked ad angers Donald Trump

This is what led Ol' 1Y to take his cheap, spineless, gutless, low-rent, no-balls shots at Heidi Cruz.

Which is why Ted Cruz basically told Ol' 1Y and the RNC to pound sand when it came to endorsing The Mouth.

Yet the RNC and the Trumpian Sturmabteilung really expected Cruz to swallow Trump's shit and endorse him ... and threw thuggian hissy fits over his refusal to do so. I say good on Cruz ... if Cruz had decked Ol' 1Y at the convention I would have been the first to stand up and cheer. But all that's another story.

Liz Mair has copped to releasing the ad, and she states that Cruz had nothing to do with it. Nothing. Cruz maintained all along he had nothing to do with it. Now Mair confirms that. Actually, she confirmed it back in March.

That didn't stop Ol' 1Y from shooting himself in both feet before sticking them in his mouth.

Now ... hold that thought, of Ol' 1Y going nuclear on Ted Cruz, and watch this:

McCain waffles on the question of Trump being trusted with the nukes

But this moment also captures just how awkward supporting Trump is growing for Republicans — and indeed how reckless it is — as his instability and erratic behavior become more and more evident to everyone. McCain should be a safe incumbent, but he’s facing a potentially tough reelection fight, perhaps in part because Trump’s abusiveness and demagoguery are alienating Latino voters (of which there are many in Arizona) to an untold degree. Trump has repeatedly questioned the war hero status of McCain — “I like people that weren’t captured, okay?” he once said — which has also alarmed Republicans about Trump’s temperament. In recent days, as Trump attacked the family of a Muslim-American killed in combat, that alarm has escalated into widespread GOP panic that the Republican nominee for president is now revealing himself to be deeply, catastrophically unfit for the job.

What was it that the Clinton Crime Syndicate boss said?

“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”