Fr. Rohr: "The World"

From today's meditation, "The World"

Two things pop out for me:

Mature spirituality creates willing people instead of willful people. We slowly unfold in response to love and grace and freedom, rather than in mere reaction to the illusions of others. Without this insight, religion largely creates rigid, unhappy, and judgmental people. When we try to take charge of our own “enlightenment,” when we try to be fully in control of our own “purity” and superiority, our attitude becomes pushing and demanding—ego assertion, even if it looks like religious ego assertion. I think this is what so many people rightly dislike and mistrust about religious people: in the name of the good, will power creates a well-disguised bad. Jesus was a master and genius at recognizing this problem.


Immature religion creates people who know what they are against, but have a very poor sense of what they are for. They are against sin, always as they narrowly define it; but they are seldom for love or actually for anything except the status quo where they think they are in control. 

Wading through the theological cesspools is difficult enough, especially the ones we find in our churches. It's hard enough to find anything resembling a 'true path' without being distracted by God's professionals.

We find our favorite heretic to be very useful:

Thomas Jay Oord: For the Love of Wisdom and the Wisdom of Love