"He's a loud-mouthed dick"


Liz Mair certainly put that one out there. Ol' 1Y surely must appreciate her direct manner.

Who is Liz Mair, you ask?

Liz Mair Wiki article
Biography from Liz Mair website

A somewhat more pneumatic Ann Coulter. Doesn't seem to be as shrill, either, though I suspect from her history she's a bit of a loose cannon herself.

But she does have Ol' 1Y pegged pretty good. Remember the first noodie of Melania? That was Liz:

 People can blame me if they don’t like the ad.  The fact is, the ad worked. The ad did exactly what we intended it to do and it’s done far more than that. The reality is that part of the reason that Donald Trump is tanking right now is because he’s bothered spending a week and a half getting pissed off and acting like a toddler having a major meltdown over this ad.

Here is the ad in question:

I remember when Trump went alpha sierra over that. But then . .. the rest of the story came out in NYP.

and Ol' 1Y just blew it off.

This stuff is a downhome hoot. Who cares about the Russians, the Iranians, ISIS, the NORKS, or the Chinese. We gots T&A shots of Melania. The electorate continues to come to grips with the vital issues of the day.