"Political Correctness"

These days, Ol' Hoof in Mouth is really appealing to his Sturmabteilung by his 'upfront' and 'refreshingly honest' lack of 'political correctness.'

The problem with that is this. Ol' Hoof in Mouth is not challenging 'political correctness' with reasoned opposition. He is resorting to verbal thuggery, brash rudeness, and a total lack of civility. Some of his Sturmabteilung are resorting to physical thuggery, with Ol' Hoof in Mouth's full approval.

Our earlier post about the Swink school board calls to question some - most, actually - of the garbage posted on board member Scott Amrhein's FB page. Amrhein has a photo on his page, of a whining child, captioned, "If anything on my page offends you, don't blame me; blame your parents - they raised a pussy."

With that, Amrhein claims the right to post any kind of crap he wants, discounting any who don't agree as 'pussies.'

Well ... it doesn't quite work that way. As an individual, Amrhein has the right to post whatever bungholish and ignorant garbage on his FB page that he wishes - until FB has enough of it, and pulls his plug.

If Amrhein wishes to parade his loutishness and ignorance in full view of the community, well ...OK. Have at it. I don't have to look at it, and that would be all that needs to be said or done.

But this fellow is a member of the school board. He sits on the governing board of the schools that educate our kids. He is part of the governing body that sets policy, selects teachers, provides the steerage and direction for the entire school district.

Now, when we see the content of Amrhein's FB page, we have considerable insight into the mentality of at least one of the school board members.

And so we ask the question ... is that mentality what we want setting school district policy, selecting teachers, providing steerage and direction for the entire school district?

Is someone who thinks the Klan is funny someone we want on the school board?

Is someone who thinks suicide bombers are amusing, posing with guns, presumably fake bombs, and dressed as caricatures of Muslim suicide bombers someone we want on the school board?

Turkey just invaded Syria over the slaughter of a wedding party by a suicide bomber.

We have our servicemen and servicewomen buried in our cemeteries, victims of suicide bombers.

I have two grandkids in the Marines, who will surely deploy to the Sandbox in the not-so-distant future.

I don't think Amrhein is amusing at all. I don't think he has any place on the school board. And if the two school board members to whom he forwards his garbage - Bamber and Clodfelter - are of similar mindset, neither do they.

That's not being a 'pussy.'

That's standing up to ignorant loutishness.