The Huelskamp Affair

This one is interesting. This Huelskamp fellow got himself kicked off the House Ag Committee. Like almost all of his ilk, he has not learned to play well with others; his behavior and attitude led to his removal.

Tim Huelskamp, Anti-Establishment House Republican, Loses Primary in Kansas

He was soundly whupped in the Kansas primaries by his opponent, who has the support of the Kansas Farm Bureau, the Kansas Livestock Association, the National Association of Wheat Growers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Huelskamp had the Koch brothers, the Club forGrowth, and a bevy of his wild-eyed brethren.

“Getting kicked off the Agriculture Committee is a crime that can’t be forgiven,” Brian Scheideman, a 52-year-old driver’s education instructor, said after voting for Mr. Marshall in Wamego, The Associated Press reported. “I don’t mind the independent voice, but you’ve got to figure out how to work with people.”

Huelskamp, playing the rugged Tea Party 'conservative', shot himself in both feet and got himself tossed off the Ag Committee. It was his own fault. Huelskamp didn't get done, what the people of Kansas sent him to DC to get done ... and he has paid the price. Now ... he is whining and carrying on like ... well ... Donald "Ol' 1Y" Trump.

Why is this a big deal? It seems to be figuring prominently in the growing 'civil war' within the GOP.

GOP's long-simmering civil war breaks into the open

Across the Capitol, a bloc of outspoken conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus is furious at the party leadership after the surprising ouster this week of a leader of the group, Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp, at the hands of a moderate candidate backed by well-funded groups linked to the party establishment. Conservatives are already plotting retribution, with some privately warning that House Speaker Paul Ryan could face a revolt from the right.

"Clearly the war continues," Huelskamp told CNN Wednesday. "The establishment never sleeps. They spend more time going after conservatives than going after Hillary Clinton. It was about sending a message, and the message is this: 'They came after me to get a scalp.'"

Clearly, the voters of Kansas disagree. That's why they gave this character the boot.

We can only wonder if the Kansas Brown Shirts are going to start thumping people in retribution.