The Swink school board

I'm particularly impressed with the paint job on the car - the Confederate flag motif. That by itself is hardly a big deal ... but tied in with the reference to his klan robe, I'm thinking ... that's a great standard to be setting for the Princeton of the Plains' governing board.

I'm also impressed with the dedication to quality education we see implied in the 'Don't need no schoolin' thing.

I'm not all that offended by it, not really ... I just think it's pathetic that this is what we have sitting on the board that oversees the education of our kids.

Update 1930/08.25.2016: Actually, having thunk about it a bit, I am all that offended about it. It takes a real ignorant twit to crack funnies about the Klan.

Is this all that amusing?

or this?

I remember watching this on the evening news:

It wasn't funny then, and it is not funny now. That's the Klan. That's the Klan mentality in the minds of the Selma police and Alabama state troopers. It's a joke, is it? Only to a childish, ignorant twit.

We tell the kids to be careful what they post on FB; if nothing else, because employers include social media checks on backgrounders for hiring. At the big "Don't be an unsportsmanlike lout" parents' briefing in the Swink gym, 'inappropriate' behaviors on FB were specifically mentioned ... because it discredits the school.

What then, is this, coming from a member of the school board. Is this representative of the Swink community?