Trump's Eleven Minutes

Amid GOP distress, Trump gets on message -- briefly

And then, he showed his ass once again. Rather than deal with the important issues of the day, Ol' 1Y went into his Jerry Springer middle school playground act ... and the geniuses in his audience just ate it up.

For the remaining 40 minutes, Trump served up the red meat and comic indignation that his rowdy supporters expected after waiting several hours in the hot Florida sun.

He dredged up everything from his contentious primary battle in Florida to his claim that Muslims danced in the streets of New Jersey after the 9/11 attacks to the controversial comments he made about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly nearly a year earlier.

"I meant her nose or her ears or her mouth. But these people were perverted and they think it's another location," Trump said as he launched into another exercise in lambasting the press.

He even joked about an attack ad that used footage of him playing golf: "At least my swing looked good. Thank you, Hillary," Trump said.

Yep. "Ol' 1Y" Trump kept his wits about him for 11 minutes.Then he went back to feeding his mob of wannabe BrownShirts.

"I just want to tell you the campaign is doing really well. It's never been so well united," Trump said. "We started on June 16. I would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. We're doing incredibly well."

Keep on drinking the Kool Aid and smoking the Hopium, there, "Ol; 1Y." You're making it incredibly easy for the Clinton Crime Syndicate.