Veterans for Kaepernick

Veterans for Kaepernick

As the controversy grew, members of the military and veterans took to social media using the hashtag #VeteransForKaepernick, which started trending worldwide on Tuesday.

"It's a misconception that every military member is furious at what his protest when there are those that are proud. #veteransforkaepernick" wrote an Instagram user called TreyFade.

It really isn't all that hard to understand, but first, you have to have some clue as to what "American values" really are.

People like Trump, Sarah Palin, public officials who post #fuckKaepernick ... all need to get a grip on what this country is supposed to be about, because clearly, it isn't what they think it's about.

Don't use my service--or that of any veteran--to justify the silencing of black Americans. Not on my watch. 

Yeah. What he said.

I did five tours in Southeast Asia; two in-country and three in Thailand. I didn't serve so arrogant self-styled 'patriots' could play on that service, twisting its meaning to justify their ignorant fascist views regarding Kaepernick, or any other American.

I would further suggest that any elected or appointed official who exercises Constitutional authority over the citizenry - that is, law enforcement authority; judicial authority; anything requiring an impartial exercise of power affecting the Constitutional rights of the citizenry - who participates in that #fuckkapernick nonsense needs to seriously re-evaluate his/her role in matters. Did they not pay attention to that oath of office they took?