"Your Republicans have become our Putinists"

How Donald Trump Made the U.S. a Target For Russia’s New Brand Of Warfare

Trump's hypocrisy over the Russian connection continues ...

The type of isolationism that Trump has been preaching strikes the Russian military strategist as exactly the type of compromise that Russia would like the U.S. to make. For one thing, it would mean an end to the principle that human rights and democracy should be promoted – or as the Russians like to put it, “exported,” – to authoritarian regimes around the world. As Sivkov said when we spoke again on Wednesday, “Your Republicans have now become our Putinists.” And that in itself is a comforting thought to the Kremlin elites.

Donald Trump, Putinist. 

He's going on about the Russians, while having his hand deep into Putin's pocket, essentially giving him a political handjob.

This is the man who would be commander-in-chief.