"Blue collar" representation

The recent article in the local fishwrapper has Swink's Wendy Lucero going on about how school board member Scott Amrhein represents the 'blue collar' people of the community.

Others go on about how Amrhein is just expressing his First Amendment rights.

We are in agreeance in that Amrhein is 'just expressing his First Amendment rights.'

I'm not so sure he is representing the 'blue collar' people of the community.

'Blue collar' humor?

I guess I'm missing the 'blue collar' humor.

I guess I'm still missing the 'blue collar' humor

Still not getting it. Perhaps a Swinkian 'blue collar' person can point out the funny part for me?

When it comes to terrorists, this is how I see 'blue collar' America. I like to think this is all of America. I guess I'm wrong. Perhaps I should dress up like an ISIS executioner as a demonstration of Swinkian 'blue collar' humor? Anyone want to volunteer to play the roles of the beheadees?

Let's look at those First Amendment rights Amrhein is expressing. He's an American citizen. He has those rights. He can express them. So does this guy:

How well is that working for 'blue collar' Swink?

Why is Amrhein's expression of his First Amendment rights ok with 'blue collar' Swink ... but Kaepernick's are not.

Is Amrhein's thinking, as we perceive through his expression of his First Amendment rights, a demonstration of the thought processes we want guiding our kids' and grandkids' educations?

Hillary Clinton expresses her First Amendment rights every time she opens her mouth, demonstrating her thought processes. 

How well does that sit with 'blue collar' Swink, in determining her fitness to sit as the President of these United States?

Lucero's statement doesn't say much for the intelligence and thinking ability of 'blue collar' America, much less 'blue collar' Swink. How does that sit with 'blue collar' Swink?