Clinton was right: Trump HAS lifted up the deplorable

This essay is right on the money.

An excerpt:

It is deplorable to undermine the credibility of a federal judge based on his Mexican heritage.

It is deplorable to demean a Gold Star family and propose to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

It is deplorable for a candidate for president of a major party to kick off his campaign by labeling most Mexicans as rapists and murderers.

It is deplorable when the Justice Department feels it has to sue you a second time for racial discrimination because you didn't get the hint the first time.

It is deplorable to play footsie with David Duke, to repeatedly retweet white nationalists and false stats about black men and crime, to praise the enthusiasm of supporters who beat a homeless Hispanic man in Boston and punch a black man at rally, to say black people have a lazy trait and have them ushered off the casino floor when you show up.

It is deplorable to rise to national political prominence on the bigotry that is "birtherism," even more deplorable to have neither the character nor the courage either publicly to renounce or repeat that assertion while touting your supposed toughness as a primary reason to vote for you.

It is deplorable that the list of deplorable things done and said by the Republican nominee for president is so long it's hard and exhausting to try to remember them all.


But what's most deplorable is the knee-jerk pushback against anyone who dares point out this reality, as though exposing the deplorable is worse than the deplorable things themselves. Maybe the best way to avoid being labeled deplorable is to stop doing and saying and standing for deplorable things?

The public has struggled as it has grappled with Donald Trump's new brand of bigotry, the promotion of a kind of hate that until now had existed at the far margins of politics and was censured by all decent people when it crept into the public discourse.

It was a stupid thing for the head of the Clinton Crime Syndicate to say ... for in elections, 'truth is no defense.'

But that does not negate the truth of it.