More Swinkian 'blue collar' thinking

So ... still examining Wendy Lucero's premise that Scott Amrhrein represents Swink's 'blue collar' demographic ...

We get considerable insight into how Lucero and Amrhein see the Swinkian 'blue collar' view, through Amrhein's exercise of his First Amendment rights:

Hmmmm ...

So just what is meant by 'blue collar?'

blue-col·lar  adjective North American of or relating to manual work or workers, particularly in industry."their speech and attitudes mark them as blue-collar guys;"

synonyms: manual, wage, industrial, factory; informal lunchpail
"blue-collar work"

Speech and attitudes.

"Suck my motherfucking dick ..."

That explains the attitudes of this school board when it comes to responding to the concerns of the community.

I'd like to thank Ms. Lucero for clarifying all this for the community.