More 'vital issues of the day'

The Trumpkins continue to come to grips with the vital issues of the day.

Now, her Republican opponent Donald Trump and his surrogates have signaled that he may bring up the subject in the next presidential debate, treacherous territory, given his own infidelities and treatment of women.

Treacherous territory indeed.

Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored

How Donald Trump used the three women in his life for his own benefit — and pleasure

I can understand why the evangelicals don't like the head of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

But I am absolutely baffled by their willingness to ignore the overwhelming moral failures of Donald J. Trump.

For a broader view of Trumpian scandals, we have this from The Atlantic:

The Many Scandals of Donald Trump

But the Republican candidate is at least as saddled with controversy as Clinton is—and while many of the Clinton cases involve suspicion and shadowy links, many of Trump’s are fully documented in court cases and legal proceedings.

OTOH, there is this enlightening little tidbit of a rabbit trail:

Clinton’s Little Rock pastor, the Rev. Ed Matthews, recalled a conversation with her in 1992 after he noticed explicit drawings of Bill Clinton in the parking lot just outside the church that Hillary and Chelsea Clinton attended.

The pastor said he asked her in a phone call how she was dealing with it.

She responded bluntly, the Methodist minister said in an interview, telling him that her family had dealt with such rumors for years and would get through it.

Gossip in the form of drawings, scrawled in the parking lot of the church. Imagine that. A church as a source of gossip. Of course, in this case, it was mostly true, so perhaps it is just 'righteousness' at work here.

And a pastor, who reveals to the 'news' media the details of a conversation with one of his parishioners. I think that's a church and a pastor I will avoid like the plague.