Not me, sports fans

I don't have anything to do with this:

Swink Recall

You will note that the full link to the original blog post is not 'hot;' only the last part of it is.  If that were my site, the whole link would work, and there would be another link to the blog post on political correctness.

Also, I would not have censored the imagery. They are what they are.

Further also, the link to the RF Gazette article would actually go to a copy of that article, rather than just link back to the original blog post. Preferably in PDF format.

I don't have anything to do with that site ... which is not to say that I don't agree with it. I do. It just ain't mine.

Clearly, there is 'Trouble in Paradise.'  So far, under the 'leadership' of this school board, the Princeton of the Plains has lost a pile of teachers, most of them pretty good, some of them downright outstanding.

The board has tossed the former superintendent under the bus. How much of a role the former supe played in all the unrest is a matter of opinion ... but the bottom line is this:

The buck stops with the board, not the supe, and the board has been letting this nonsense go on for years. It took a 'torchlight mob' to get them to toss the supe.

So yeah ... while that Recall site isn't mine, I am in complete agreeance with it. Who needs that kind of Butthead and Beavis mindset overseeing our kids' and our grandkids' education?