The Jerry Springer Show

The 'discussion' over the school board dustup looks like a re-run from the Jerry Springer show - at least, that which we see on Facebook.

There is little 'reasoned discourse' going on, at least, not on social media.

It really looks like a Jerry Springer show.

If you don't know what I mean by the Jerry Springer show, here it is. It really kicks in at 2:20, if you can watch it that long:

Not much difference in mindset there. None, in fact.

That's too bad.

The school board is quite important. We have seen over the last several years how a school district can deteriorate, when left in the charge of board that is incapable of making reasoned decisions, or keeping a lid on 'personnel matters,' or keeping up with what is required of a school district in the 21st century.

How many teachers has Swink lost?

The teacher exit has been going on for quite some time. When Carol Lockhart jumped ship, we wondered what was going on. When several others followed, we wondered what was going on.

Things continued on ... until ... for whatever reason, Jody Ryberg Sniff decided to pull the plug.

Then we saw the 'torchlight mob' organized by Judy Ryberg Reyher (anyone see the connection there?) which marched on the board meeting and splattered poop everywhere.

It's amazing how that happened. The people who made up the 'torchlight mob' sat idle while all those teachers left, yet followed like the children of Hamlin when Reyher took it a bit personally.

Where was all the Outrage!™ before?

Well ... actually, I can't blame anyone for not leaping into the fray. We've all seen what kind of a reaction you get when you dare to challenge the existing regime. And in any case, when all you have is three minutes, and the board is going to do nothing but sit there in a glassy-eyed state, thank you for your input, and then ignore it ... what's the point?

Sniff is a highly respected guidance counselor. She has earned that respect. The students have relied upon her for sound advice, as have their parents.

So the board reacted to all that rising Outrage!™... and canned the superintendent.

If the superintendent ... the 'former' superintendent ... was the cause for all the angst within the school district staff, why did it take the 'torchlight mob' to bring about a change?

Why did the board sit there and do nothing, as all those teachers - many of whom are also highly respected - pulled up stakes and went elseplace?

The board calls the shots in the district. You can blame the former superintendent all you want, but the bottom line is this:

The school board is responsible ... and the school board did nothing, until faced with a figurative lynching.

Then, we got some insight into the mental workings of at least one board member, and things started falling into place.

We need adults, capable of thinking and reasoning like adults, to oversee the education of our kids and grandkids.

Yet now that the board has been challenged, what we are seeing is like watching a re-run of a bad Jerry Springer episode. If you were on the outside, looking at this, perhaps considering re-locating to Swink, for whatever reason ... and saw this nonsense going on in the district where your kids would go to school ... what would be your reaction? What impression does this give, of Swink?

All the supporters of Scott Amrhein are doing is showing their asses, and demonstrating why the board has been so ineffective, and why a recall is so necessary.

I am sure there are some reasonably well-educated parents, in the thirty-somethings and forty-somethings, who have enough life experience, smarts, and critical thinking skills to take over this school board and run things in a manner that will make sure our kids and grandkids have good teachers and good programs, in a stable environment.

Otherwise, it will not be long before we start seeing the decline manifested in falling test scores and other performance measurements.

Meanwhile, here is a useful tidbit:

Understanding Colorado School Finance and Categorical Program Funding