Vicious gossip

Well ... it seems the vicious gossip monster paints with a broad brush these days.

After the problem with utilities billing over in The Smile Hi, it seems that at least one or more 'insiders' took it upon themselves to feed the gossip mill.

The resulting FB frenzy had the ladies in The Smile Hi utilities office painted as 'idiots.'

We have even seen allegations and insinuations of 'imbelsement' of funds, though it is not clear if this is 'the idiot' ladies in the utilities office or the thieving water crews (for those not capable of subtlety of thought, that's sarcasm, there) or possibly a conspiracy between them.

We must not give the meter readers a bye on all this; the FB utilities experts have them sitting in the truck just randomly filling in numbers rather than getting up off their asses and reading the meters and getting 'real' numbers.

I guess the info The Smile Hi administration put out about the new Smart Meters was too hard to read. Too many Big Werds, perhaps.

Here's the scoop on Smart Meters:

Automatic Meter Reading

Now ... for those who are or have been involved in the FB frenzy ... here is some stuff just for you:

Aluminum Foil Deflection Beanie

I'd suggest you all go with the higher end copper foil model, with a ground strap. And for the Western traditionalists, there is the Wes McKinley model. It comes in the shape of  a finely crafted Stetson 1000x Diamante.

Seriously ... you guys really need to go with the AFDB's, because ...

Microwaves, Smart Meters and the use of electronics for mind control

The Smile Hi utes office is out to get you ...