A 'has-been?'

Perhaps not quite yet, but Trump is rapidly getting there:

Trump's new problem: He's becoming a bore

Trump is becoming boring even to Republicans, but his worst performance is among those who identify as political independents or members of smaller political parties. Among these folks, who could be considered swing voters, Trump is 17% less fun, a whopping 37% less "dynamic" and 30.6% less distinctive that he was just 90 days ago. This same cohort found Trump to be 31% less "unique."

The implications for Donald Trump the politician are dire. Although he keeps talking about himself as a political "outsider," he is rapidly losing the credibility to make such a claim. Among independents and political "others," Trump suffered a 10.7% decline in his score for independence. This means that he is losing his renegade's appeal. Instead he has become the object of ridicule on "Saturday Night Live," where he is regularly portrayed as an incoherent, self-defeating boor.

That's true.

He's not all that interesting to blog about. He's just an incoherent ranter. He doesn't even make sense. A wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, he is a prime candidate not for the presidency, but for an AFDB.