Just Say ‘No’ To Republican Family Values

That's the title of a piece over on HuffPo:

Just Say ‘No’ To Republican Family Values

Overall, it's a pretty good article. It demonstrates some of the hypocrisy of 'conservatives'..

But nothing demonstrates the hypocrisy, especially that of the Bible-thumping 'Christian' conservatives, the evangelicals that make up much of the leadership of the GOP's far right base, more than simply taking a look at Donald J. Trump and the philandering adulterers with whom he has surrounded himself.

How Donald Trump used the three women in his life for his own benefit — and pleasure

The men in Trump's boys' club

I'm curious as to just what 'family values' the GOP is touting, given the behaviors and attitudes of their standard bearer and his collection of frat boy 'advisers.'

This type of 'family values' extends all the way down to local GOP politics.

It is truly amazing what Republicans are willing to overlook in the way of adultery, marital infidelity, total lack of morality and ethical conduct ... making a mockery of anything remotely related to that Bible they love to thump so much.

The interview with Rudy Giuliani was an epic in moral incoherence and intellectual non sequiturs.

The GOP is a cesspool of situational morality, and ethics of convenience. They can't even keep their Biblical story straight. The 'Christian' evangelicals have always detested the 'Mary-worshiping Jesus-eating' Catholics, and JW's, and Mormons, and pretty much anyone who isn't a 'Christian' evangelical ... till the only man they could get to run against Obama was a Mormon. Then, Billy Graham, that paragon of rock-solid morality, declared that Mormons were now 'real Christians,' at least till after the election.

That isn't the first time we've had to put up with the Religious Right's self-righteous attacks on a political candidate. Remember the knickers-in-a-twist over JFK's Catholicism? JFK put them in their place, though, with one of his very best speeches.

The latest from the Party of Family Values, just now leaking out through WaPo and CNN:

Trump in the gutter

"This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course - not even close. I apologize if anyone was offended," Trump said in a statement released Friday.

Trump is always in the gutter, but let's go with that  'locker room banter,' and 'Bill Clinton has said far worse ...'. That's always a good excuse for behaving like a boorish buffoon: "Well, Bill Clinton was worse!"

I thought these were the guys who were supposed to be better than the other party. Well, I guess 'better,' like morality and marital fidelity, is relative to 'far worse.' And at this point, what does it matter, as Rudy Giuliani says, 'everyone is doing it' anyway.