Righteous Outrage!™ over veterans' bonuses

So ... there is considerable Outrage!™ on the part of CongressCritters, over the California National Guard bonus payback 'issue.'

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the Pentagon demands “disgraceful."

"I find it hard to believe either you or your leadership team was aware that such a boneheaded decision was made to demand repayment," Duncan Hunter wrote in a letter to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter in which he asked Carter to put his weight behind a quick remedy.

Darryl Issa called the Pentagon's effort "unconscionable."

The far right is of course blaming Obama, even the Clinton Crime Syndicate, though all these bonus 'missteps' took place during the Bush administration. That the problem was discovered during an audit, during the current administration, does not make the fiscal mismanagement and wrongful payment of bonuses the current administration's fault.

DoD cannot, by law, issue a blanket 'forgiveness' on this. The law simply does not allow it.

So the law must be changed.

The only outfit that can change the law is ... Congress.

So McCarthy, Issa, and Hunter ... and the rest of Congress ... should really put their Outrage!™ back in the box and put some effort into changing the law.

And yet ...  Congress knew about this two years ago. And did nothing. It's great Outrage!™ stuff for an election cycle, though, isn't it?

Congress knew for at least two years about Pentagon efforts to take back bonuses from veterans