OK ... Faux and the 'conservatives' are going nuts over this one.

If I understand it correctly, we have the driver of a bus chartered by the campaign dumping the sewage.

The driver works for the bus company. Not the campaign. The bus is owned by the bus company, not the campaign.

And it's ... Hillary's fault?


I would have thought it was just a not-overly-bright bus driver screwing the pooch, in a manner of speaking. Send in the HazMat cleanup, write the driver a summons, and send the cleanup bill to the ... bus company.

But nope. It's Hillary's fault.

I expect this will factor hugely in the debate. I can just see Trump now, boring in for the kill.
The entire presidential campaign, reduced to a load of sewage.

Putin and the Rooskies? ISIS? Jobs? The economy? Education? National defense? Immigration? Healthcare?

All reduced by FauxNews and the Republican party to a load of sewage, somewhere in Georgia.
Well, at least it will get them off the emails and yet another Benghazi investigation.