Tap dancing

The tap-dancing grows more frenetic.
You will notice that the 'California Congressional delegation' has toned down the nasty rhetoric of yesterday, after the LA Times published their article showing that the CongressCreatures were told about this two years ago.
Now they have dropped into the 'I have no recollection,' or 'I have no record of,' or ...'Geez, I dunno why ...'.
However ...
"California Guard officials say they informed California lawmakers about the scale of the debts in 2014, telling them in a list of legislative priorities sent to each House office and the House Armed Services Committee that “thousands of soldiers have inadvertently incurred debt, through no fault of their own because of faulty Army recruiting or accounting practices.”
“Unfortunately, no official process exists to adjudicate debt relief for Army National Guard soldiers, which has caused years of hardship for them and their families,” the document said."
That's right. The law simply doesn't allow it. Es la ley.
The CongressCreatures, having tried to crucify Ashton Carter, Obama, and even the Clinton Crime Syndicate, are having that one blow up in their faces.
Darryl Issa, the GOP's resident badass in the House, who was quite vocal yesterday, is nowhere to be seen - or heard - today. Considering that Issa never misses an opportunity to be on TV, that's rather odd.
They need to get off their asses and pass the legislation that would allow the forgiveness of the 'debts'. And probably, while they are at it, look into prosecuting the clowns who pulled this stunt in the first place. It all boils down to misuse of funds.