The Temptation of Jesus, Trump style

We've seen The True Trump coming out of the woodwork these past weeks, especially the last few days.

He makes the Clinton Crime Syndicate look like hick amateurs when it comes to immorality, lying, cheating, sexual deviance.

Since the GOP has written a substantial chunk of religion into their political platform, we can compare Trump's position and 'apology' with the Temptation of Jesus in the Judean desert. So Satan tempts Jesus ... and Jesus accepts. He gives in. His excuse, following the Trumpian logic is this: "Well ... everyone's doing it!" (that's the Giuliani Gambit) or "Well, Satan did worse!" (the Trump Position). Good thing for us that Jesus had a somewhat better grasp of morality than the GOP, and didn't give in ... but where does this Trumpian/GOP logic leave the country, and We the People?

"Among the topics Trump discussed: his daughter Ivanka's physique, having sex with women on their menstrual cycles, threesomes, and checking out of a relationship with women after they turn 35."


I'm thinking that when Trump was assuring his 'Christian' evangelical supporters that he believed in the Trinity ... he and the evangelicals may have been on different pages.

But at this point, what difference does it make?

Rude Rudy Giuliani thinks it doesn't matter, that it doesn't make any difference.That's not surprising, considering his incoherent and irrational attempts to justify everything that Trump has done and continues to do.

There have been calls for Trump to step aside, to let Pence rise to the top, as it were.

That is too little, too late.

The GOP foistered this clown upon We the People, and despite a rising wave of GOP 'leaders' disavowing Trump, he still is the GOP Clown.

We wouldn't vote for Pence even if Trump were to step aside. He knew what Trump was and is. It has been evident for decades.

We are voting for Hillary. We were going to vote for Gary Johnson, but we are going to vote for Hillary. We have to do what we can to keep Trump out of the Oval Office. It may not be much, but we will do what we can. We will hold our noses and vote Republican the rest of the ticket, if only to do what we can to see that the GOP holds Congress. Hopefully, the system of checks and balances will kick in, and between a GOP Congress and an Oval Office held by the Clinton Crime Syndicate, governmental gridlock will occur. They will be so busy screwing each other they won't have time to screw with We the People.

It's up to the GOP to hold the Congress down-ballot. If they cannot, then they brought it upon themselves.

To paraphrase Chief Justice John Roberts: "It is not our responsibility to protect the GOP from the consequences of their political choices."