Unholy evangelicals

One thing that has completely befuddled us, with the Trump Phenomenon, is his appeal to evangelicals.

How anyone who claims to be a follower of Christ, can support Trump and his mindless rants and raves, his verbal and physical assaults on women, his inciting of violence against those who oppose him, his blatant racism, his continual ad hominem attacks - which are not all that well done; he rises to the level of Beavis and Butthead at best ... is beyond us. "Us" in this case is literal, not editorial; Leece is in complete agreeance.

But it turns out that Trump is not quite the darling of all evangelicals. Mostly just the white ones. Mostly the Pat Robertson crowd, what we used to call "The Moral Majority."

Here is a pretty good article on this:

Donald Trump Reveals Evangelical Rifts That Could Shape Politics for Years

Some excerpts:

“Trump has consistently normalized violence, sexual deviance, bigotry and hate speech,” [Hatmaker] said in an email interview. “I wouldn’t accept this from my seventh-grade son, much less from a potential leader of the free world.”


While most of the religious right’s aging old guard has chosen to stand by Mr. Trump, its judgment and authority are being challenged by an increasingly assertive crop of younger leaders, minorities and women such as Ms. Hatmaker.

“Those men have never spoken for me or, frankly, anyone I know,” said Ms. Hatmaker, the author of popular inspirational Christian books. “The fracture within our own Christian family may be irreparable.”


Kate Shellnutt, 30, the online editor of Christianity Today and editor of the CT Women section, said she had observed that “the millennial generation has a lot less patience for Trump.” Of the 33 influential millennial evangelicals she profiled for a cover story two years ago, she says she can now find only one, Lila Rose, who is pro-Trump, and even she has been publicly critical of him. Several have been using the hashtag #NeverTrump, Ms. Shellnutt said.


Students at Liberty University in Virginia, which was founded by Mr. Falwell, started a petition on Wednesday criticizing the university’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr. (the founder’s son), for endorsing a candidate who is “actively promoting the very things that we as Christians ought to oppose,” and tarnishing the school in the process, the petition said.
“Liberty University is not Trump University,” said Dustin Wahl, a junior majoring in politics and policy, who wrote the petition. “We don’t stand with our president on Donald Trump. It’s embarrassing because most people here realize that Trump is a joke.”

So at least some people who call themselves 'Christians' can see what an unholy hatemonger Trump really is.

As to the rest of them ... here is where they are:

We've Reached the End of White Christian America

At least the end of the Jerry Falwell/Pat Robertson/James Dobson/Joel Osteen/John Hagee version of White Christian America, which, when all is said and done, is not all that 'Christian.'