Wallace B. Jefferson

The far right are foaming at the mouth over the 'revelation' by WikiLeaks that John Podesta, campaign chairman for the Clinton Crime Syndicate, and Chris Stone, a top George Soros henchman, 'plotted' a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia. This scheming rather shockingly took place less than 24 hours after Scalia's death.

According to WikiLeaks, this is the conspiratorial plotting that took place:

Stone: “Remember our discussion of Wallace Jefferson, Chief Justice in Texas?”

Podesa: "Yup."

That's a pretty damning revelation.

That's quite the conspiracy, there. Especially considering they are referring to a highly respected Republican with a most distinguished career. Jefferson was appointed justice to the Texas Supreme Court by Rick Perry, to fill the seat vacated by Alberto Gonzales, who resigned to become White House counsel to George W. Bush. Jefferson's appointment was confirmed in the next election, in 2002, with 60% of the vote in the contested Republican primary, and 56% of the vote in the contested general election.

Here is an editorial from the Dallas Morning News. DMN is hardly on a par with Mother Jones or MSNBC:

Editorial: Wallace Jefferson leaves an impressive legacy on Texas Supreme Court

an excerpt:

Jefferson, who will step down from the state’s highest civil court next month to return to private practice, will take with him a keen legal intellect and a track record of trailblazing on and off the bench.

A moderate-conservative on a Supreme Court reputed be overly pro-business, Jefferson became the first African-American to serve on the court when Perry appointed the San Antonio appellate lawyer in 2001. Three years later, Jefferson again made history when Perry tapped him to replace chief justice Tom Phillips.

As respected a jurist as there is in Texas, Jefferson pushed hard to demystify a justice system that still is too opaque and tainted by money and politics. Administratively, he expanded open electronic access to Supreme Court records and put hearings online. He also pushed for increasing legal aid funds for people who can’t afford a lawyer and continued in the footsteps of Phillips to urge Texas to adopt a merit system in which judges are appointed, instead of elected.

Here's another, from "Texas Week with Rick Casey". It was written before Scalia's death.

Jefferson would be perfect Obama nominee

No excerpts here. You should read the entire article.

So exactly what is the context of the 'plotting' in the email?

If it is in fact a scheme to put forward Jefferson as a replacement for Scalia ... well ... Wallace B. Jefferson does not seem to be a raving liberal who would destroy the Constitution from the bench.

I doubt that very many 'conservatives' will read those articles. They are much longer than the 140 character Twits generated by Trump; they have too many big werds; the thoughts contained within are much too complex.