Well ... no, not really ...

Last post we went on a bit about voting for Hillary, rather than Johnson. We like Johnson a bit more than Hillary, and a lot more than Trump ... but the idea of Trump in the Oval Office, as commander-in-chief, is something we (editorially speaking) just cannot stomach.

We talked about voting Republican on the rest of the ticket, to try to keep the Congress in GOP hands, so as to tether Hillary, and to bring the system of checks and balances into play.

But ... not with Darryl Glenn challenging Michael Bennet.

Glenn is another one of those GOP types that just can't separate religion from politics; he 'Buck-pedals' almost as much as Ken Buck ... and he says he won't compromise with Democrats.

The only way our system of government operates is by compromise.

So he's yet another character who appeals to the far right base, but has nothing to offer in the way of reasoned or rational thinking.

He is another example of the poor quality of candidate the state GOP has been offering Colorado voters since before the 2008 election cycle. Remember that fiasco? Dan Maes, the cop who wasn't? Tom "Ol' 1Y" Tancredo, who was a Republican, before he wasn't? Ken 'Buck-pedalin' Buck, who waffled on every single issue before finally refusing to take a stand on anything?

Buck ran for the Senate, and was soundly, even embarrassingly, defeated back in 2010. He ran against Michael Bennet. Then he decided to run against Mark Udall in 2014. That sent shudders of dismay through the state GOP; they finally offered up Cory Gardner, who is about the only GOP candidate for whom we could otherwise vote, and sent Buck out to the sticks to try for Gardner's seat in the House. That was an easy win for Buck, since his far right, waffle-on-everything mindset perfectly fits eastern Colorado, which is redder than a liberal's bleeding heart.

Perhaps if the state and national GOP's could come up with candidates who don't sound like characters from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" they might actually have a chance of winning the Oval Office and/or keeping the Congress.

So we'll vote for 'Buck-pedalin' Ken this time around, though it's hardly necessary; it's a lifetime position for him so long as he can keep his zipper up and his fingers out of the till.

And we will vote for Michael Bennet, even though it's hardly necessary, given his opponent is Darryl Glenn.