"Dangerous Dave"

So ... Cyrus III is now considering retired general David "Dangerous Dave" Petraeus for the SecState position.

Petraeus was the subject of an FBI investigation, one that eventually led to his resignation as Director of the CIA.

The investigation revealed that Petraeus had mishandled classified documents; his squeeze, Paula Broadwell, had a pile of classified data on her computers. She wasn't authorized to have this data. The FBI also removed classified documents from her house in Charlotte, NC.

OK, so we have Petraeus (also known as "Peaches") having an affair with Broadwell, using webmail services under false names to swap virtual spit, as well as info about significant military personnel (generals directly involved in the GWOT).

And the mishandling of classified documents. Did we mention that?

And so, despite all the Outrage!™ over the Clintonista email scandal and mishandling of classified documents ... Trump is considering for SecState a guy who can't keep his pants zipped, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges based on mishandling of classified information ... and who resigned in disgrace from a highly sensitive high level position with the government (Director of the CIA).

Can we all say "Business as usual." But Trump has an explanation for that.

On the campaign trail, Trump played down the significance of Petraeus's conviction, repeatedly arguing that it was "a fraction" of what Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had gotten away with by using a personal email server as secretary of state.

Which leaves a couple of questions/observations.

Is it really just a matter of 'what you can get away with?' If so ... business as usual.

If "Peaches" Petraeus took a misdemeanor plea with 2 years probation and a $100,000 fine ... for a 'fraction' of what Hillary did ... why is Trump so willing to give her a bye?

Oh ... we also, as we speak, have an ongoing investigation by DoD into leaks of Paula Broadwell's personal information. 

Business as usual.