Inner demons

According to WaPo, the shooter in the Des Moines ambush killing of two police officers, has been taken into custody.

Des Moines cop-killer in custody

The suspect, Scott Michael Greene, apparently felt that his civil rights were violated by the cops at a demonstration last month at the Urbandale High School:

One of the officers was fatally shot next to Urbandale High School. A video uploaded to YouTube last month by an account named Scott Greene was titled “Police Abuse, Civil Rights Violation at Urbandale High School” and appeared to show a person recording the footage arguing with police officers asking him to leave the area.

In the video, the man recording the footage, who is identified by one officer as Greene, is heard telling the police that he was assaulted and almost mugged while “peacefully protesting” at what appears to be a high school. An officer is later seen explaining that the Confederate battle flag he was waving violated the school’s code.

“In the current social climate that we’re in, when you fly a Confederate flag standing in front of several African American people, that’s going to cause a disturbance, whether you intended to or not,” the officer said. As a result, the officer said, this man was no longer allowed on the school’s property.

Another video posted by the same account showed a still image of a man holding a Confederate flag in what appears to be the stands at an athletic event.

So what do we have here? Another neo-Confederate asshole, butthurt because the cops told him he couldn't wave his Confederate flag on school property, murders two cops?

I think that's what we call 'letting one's inner demons out.'