Kaepernick Redux

OK, so when Kaepernick decided to 'express' his views on the state on the nation by taking a knee during the national anthem, we here at Blogger Central went along with that. We still do.

It's not a particularly good form of protest - kind of like burning flags -  as it's not very likely to bring many Americans around to the point in point, but it's his right to protest in that manner.

And, Kaepernick's concerns about the state of policing in this country are in many ways quite valid. His alignment with 'Black Lives Matter' wasn't very bright, as BLM has arguably been co-opted by the cop-hating fringe. But, policing in this country is in need of some adult supervision in many quarters. The usual response to that statement is to go on about the hundreds of thousands of cops who serve the public in honorable manner every day. But the truth of that does not negate the need for change, and when it is tossed out as a countermeasure to the likes of Kaepernick's baseline concerns, it just obfuscates the underlying problem.

As one black columnist said ... "I can grieve for an officer who gave his life, while at the same time hold great concerns for the way policing is being done."

But here's the deal. Kaepernick's original position was that he was protesting 'oppression' and 'unfairness' in this country.


So why is he sticking up for Fidel Castro, who became one of the most vicious, murdering dictators of our time?

He claims that he was misunderstood, that his comments were taken out of context, that the t-shirt he wore, bearing the images of both Malcom X and Castro was more a show of support for Malcom X than Castro.

It rings false. Almando Salguero kicks Kaepernick around the field a few times in his article.

Colin ... dude ... you really screwed the pooch on this one. Let's not be talking about police oppression here, while heaping praise upon the likes of Fidel Castro. That's called 'hypocrisy.' We have enough of that going around already just in the current political scene; we don't need it as sports fans too.

Why not just wear a Che shirt, and be done with the tap-dancing?