Malkin's Safety Pin Rant

Michelle Malkin, who is only marginally less unbalanced than, say, Ann Coulter, has actually almost written a good piece here. Though 'the slacker' mandate really lights up the 'conservative' pinball machine, Malkin doesn't get that that is not the real drain on Obamacare and We the Taxpayers.

The Slacker Mandate and the Safety-Pin Generation

Not only does Malkin not get it, but neither does Trump. Trump wants to leave in these Obamacare items that cost money. That means that someone has to pay for it, somewhere, sometime. But it isn't 'till 26' crowd that is the big drain. It's the pre-existing conditions, which the insurers must take, without drawing funding from a separate source, or without billing separately. These people burden the program with high costs ... and everyone gets a rate increase to pay for it. The master plan was that Obamacare was going to pay for those higher, driven-by-pre-existing-condition costs by broadening the pool of the insured - either by forcing the purchase of a plan, or by paying the fine ... uh ... tax. The tax is too low and people aren't buying and the pre-existing sick are driving up costs for everyone. Trump doesn't want to drop the pre-existing coverage, but someone has to pay, and guess who that is?

Malkin is banging away on 'the slacker' option because it's an easy target. It's easy to take cheap shots at a poorly defined group of 'millennials' especially when they make themselves into such easy targets. Old gasbag 'conservatives' always like to beat up on the younger generation, so Malkin is just telling them what they want to hear. But Malkin, like so many other self-righteous 'conservatives,' ignores that a great many of those 'millennials' are really not all that self-centered, self-absorbed, and generally useless leeches upon society.

US Marine Corps
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for starters. Fifty years ago, 'conservatives' were bitching about hippies and how the country was going to hell in a handbasket. Some things change, others do not.

She needs to find a better target.