ObamaCare Two-step

Remember all that bad-ass campaign talk about repealing ObamaCare as a "Day One" project?

Well ... waffle waffle ...

Mr. Trump said he told the president that he would consider keeping two provisions of the law: the prohibition against insurers denying coverage because of a patient’s pre-existing condition; and the one that allows parents to keep their children on their insurance plans until they turn 26.

You'll notice that he's using the imperial pronoun. Like it's up to him, and him alone.

It ain't.

There's that pesky Congress thing.

Guess what. People like that 'free' preventive care stuff, too. That's designed to keep people healthier, or at least discover 'issues' soon enough to maybe actually do something useful, and doing it much, much more cheaply.

What The Great Mentioner (love that one) fails to grasp is this:

The problem: Without a mandate for everyone to buy health insurance, the popular pre-existing condition provision could send insurance companies into a tailspin, because their costs would rise with sicker customers, and that would not be offset by healthy consumers forced to buy insurance.

Still waiting for some of that good ol' Merkin business savvy to kick in. What's the plan, son?