Sheriff Dave Clark redux

Here's an article from WaPo about the Trumpian mindset and how it can affect and infect law enforcement in this country:

The culture around Trump and the troubling message to police

Note that the article in large part uses Sheriff Dave Clarke as a negative example. A few posts back, we looked at what a farcial character Sheriff Dave is.

Cases involving Arpaio and his office cost taxpayers more than $142 million as of 2015, with some of those cases involving the arrest of journalists who had written about the sheriff and deaths in his jails.

He has that last bit, among other things, in common with Clarke. The Huffington Post reported Tuesday that four people, including a newborn baby, have died in Clarke’s Milwaukee County Jail since April, prompting a visit from a court-appointed medical monitor. 


If Clarke doesn’t get the top job at Homeland Security, that may be relief of a kind. But in Clarke, Trump would continue to have an outside validator, affirming his positions to millions of cable news viewers and projecting his vision of tough guy justice with a salute and a tip of his cowboy hat. If Clarke is tapped for the gig, a man who plays a sheriff on TV but has apparently failed to keep his own local jail in order will be handed massive authority over an expansive security apparatus.

Things are not well in many ways, in policing in America. Clarke is a fine example of this.