Sheriff Dave Clarke

This guy is pretty good at sound bites. But whatever 'sensible' views he may have, the value is lost in his stridency and in his juvenile attacks, name-calling, and conspiratorial rhetoric. He's a fellow who is 60 going on 12 ... pretty good at name-calling, but short on substance.But the Trumpkins and the far right just eat up his Obama- and Clinton-bashing ... it's working for him; some sources say he's jockeying for a White House job. If you have to sell your soul, Dave, might as well hold out for a West Winger.

Meanwhile ... I think ol' Shurf Dave has Obama confused with the Clinton Crime Syndicate. So far, Obama has done nothing, nothing at all, that lends any truth to Shurf Dave's juvenile rant.

Look at Shurf Dave's qualities as high sheriff ... tell me, Dave, how's that Terrill Thomas thing working out for you? Got any tips on inmate management for the Denver Sheriff's Department? Then there is the death of infant Swayzer in Dave's jail; the death of Kristina Fiebrink in Dave's jail; the death of Michael J. Madden in Dave's jail. Four inmate deaths within 6 months. Maybe Shurf Dave should spend more time on sheriff business than in pimping his own political future at the White House.

 He comes across as just another sheriff much too full of himself, feeding his own ego, playing to the mob. There's no lack of those guys. Look at the scandals involving Lee Baca and his henchmen in LASD; Terry Maketa here in Colorado; our own Sedgewick County sheriff being arrested; Denver County's on-going stench in the Sheriff's Office; Patrick Sullivan a few years back; the St Croix County sex scandals. There's no lack of these guys stepping all over their peckers, often because they can't keep their pants zipped. Clarke - particularly after he had his ass handed to him in Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association v. Clarke - comes across as just another one of many, much too full of himself .

But he orates just like his buddy Trump ... lots of inflammatory rhetoric, and an uncomfortable relationship with the truth. Yep. Good pick for the West Wing.