Still following the Trumpian cue

One-third of Clinton supporters say Trump election is not legitimate, poll finds

A strong majority of Americans accept Donald Trump as the winner of the presidential election last week, but a significant minority of Hillary Clinton supporters say his victory was illegitimate, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

And we are seeing the effects of that, as people demonstrate, and in some cases, engage in riotous misconduct.

This is leading to all manner of insulting name-calling, vile vitriol, and general hate-mongering on the part of a good many - most, it would seem - of Trump supporters. And the worst of that insulting name-calling, vile vitriol, and general hate-mongering is coming from the 'Christian' Right, America's evangelicals.

And yet ...

30% of Trump supporters say they will protest if Clinton is elected

That percentage is pretty close to that 'one-third of Clinton supporters' who apparently feel the same way about the election.

The Trumpians also seem to forget their Leader's own call to march on Washington after the 2012 election:

Donald Trump's 2012 Election Tweetstorm Resurfaces as Popular and Electoral Vote Appear Divided

So ... why was all that OK ... but when citizens who support Clinton do that ... they are 'idiots,' 'morons,' 'scum' and should all be locked up, deported, and worse. That, from the 'Christian' Right.

To understand it, you have to be able to think like an evangelical. That allows all that 'Christian' love to soak through.

I'm trying to find in the Bible, where a 'Christian' is supposed to resort to all that name-calling, vilification, and general hate-mongering. Could someone help me out with that, please? All I'm finding is that John 13:34 thing.

Is that true?  Or is Jesus is just playing straight man to a huge joke being played on the country, by America's evangelicals.