Taking the cue

So the Trumpkins are smugly observing and even more smugly commenting upon the 'riots' and demonstrations on the part of what we can only describe as supporters of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Ridicule, insult, vilification. Most of it by good Christians. If you don't think so, just ask 'em. They will tell you how solidly 'in' they are with God and Jesus. The Holy Spirit, too, but you'd never see anything in them like an indwelling of the Spirit. Apparently the Trinity is off being interviewed for Cabinet positions in the soon-to-come Trump regime.

I'm sure we can all agree - well, most of us - that these sorts of demonstrations and 'riots' are not particularly effective exercises of the First Amendment. For one thing, they tend to escalate from citizens noisily expressing dissatisfaction to criminal behaviors. For another, there is a certain lack of sympathetic support for what they want. At least through the means by which they want to obtain it.

And yet ... as the Trumpkins ridicule, insult, and vilify ... all in good Christian fashion ... I have to ask:

Aren't they just taking a cue from the president-elect himself?

Trump supporters warn of revolution if Trump loses

On Election Day, Trump still says he will not accept results if he loses

There's a lot more on this; all you have to do is research it.

But all they are doing is what Trump himself insisted he would do. Him and his Trumpkins.