Trump: Anointed by God

It's all right there in Isaiah 45. See, Trump is the 45th president. Or will be. You see the link? Isaiah 45 and Cyrus? 45th president? Get it? Get it?

"Many people are saying" that God has anointed Trump.

Is Lance Wallnau's Prophecy True? Is Trump God's Anointed Man to Lead the Free World?

Note that this only applies to 'the Free World.'  We have to ask. Is that because God doesn't give a shit about the rest of humanity?

Then we have Laurie Roth, famed Christian conservative spokesperson:

God will have mercy on America and make her God's light on a hill again

Laurie has 'investigated' and knows this to be true, as the result of her 'investigation.'

According to my investigation several have been awakened and given visions and words from God as to who would become President. They were all told that Donald Trump was God’s anointed choice for President.

Sadly, Laurie does not share with us the names of those who have been 'awakened' and confided in by God.

Then we have none less than Phil Robertson exhorting the faithful of the Family Research Council to get God on their side, if only he can baptize Donald Trump:

On the other hand, here is a fellow who sees a somewhat different political picture:

Donald Trump Is God’s Anointed