Christians in U.S. Are Less Educated Than Religious Minorities, Report Says

Well, that explains a great deal.

That would include the rampant ignorance we see among evangelicals, as they circulate fake news article after fake news article, with no effort, no attempt, to discern the truth.

A good many of those fake news articles are in fact downright dangerous, in that they incite others to new levels of hate and discontent. It seems also that evangelicals, always the first to point fingers at everyone else, have no problems with assassinating the character of others, especially anyone they deem to be 'liberals.' They are pretty good with the half-truths and innuendo, as well.

We are living in a post-truth time of fake news and misinformation, something that should be deeply troubling to people of faith who claim to seek truth in their everyday lives.

Yeah. People who 'claim to seek truth.'

But they do not.

Instead, by their very ignorance, their hatefulness, they do incredible damage to the Church Universal. Who would want to participate in a church filled with people with such hateful attitudes, who claim to be followers of Christ yet who exhibit only the barest vestige of Christian behaviors.

They excuse this with the 'reasoning' that 'the libtards' or 'the left' or whatever nom d'jour is in vogue do it too. As though that were sufficient excuse, or any excuse at all.

Apparently 1 Corinthians 8:9-13 is of little consequence to a good many evangelicals.

Oh ... here's one that's quite good:

Are we getting the leaders we deserve

And here is a link to Gary Hart's news conference video. He was chastised by the press for his 'arrogance' ... but I think he hit it out of the park: