Fake 'fake' news

Here's the latest 'fake news' story being circulated, with shocked breathlessness ...

You know it's fake news when CNN uses the same girl in 3 different Refugee Crisis pictures, saved by 3 different men.

CNN never purported that the same girl was 'rescued' by these three men, much less rescued in three different episodes.

She was carried out of the bombing site by one rescuer, handed over to another, and handed over to yet another, who placed her in a van.

The three photos are from different sources, taken during the same incident - the Aleppo 'barrel bombing' of a funeral/wake in August 2016. The CNN story on the bombing carries but one photo, the one on the left, which is heavily cropped by the purveyors of this latest bit of nastiness.

But let's not be confused by fact ... not when we can generate so much misplaced hate and anger by feeding off the misery of such badly damaged children.