"... a petulant dick ..."

From Rich Galen this morning: "Mark Halperin was right" ... or ... Obama is a 'dick', and a petulant one at that.
Here is one salient point:
"Whether you thought Netanyahu's speech was a good idea (I didn't) or whether you agree with the continue building of settlements (I don't think I do), we expect more out of our President - whether he be named Obama or Trump - than petulance."
Interesting thing, on which I am finding that pretty much everyone under about sixty are totally clueless, is how the UN Security Council works, and a historical sense tied to that. Galen seems to assume that most people do understand it - presumably because he is an old fart himself - and so much of what he writes today assumes a 'behind the scenes' perspective that is largely missing.
He's pretty much wasting his time, given that most Americans are too busy posting half-assed bullshit, bashing the Pope, re-circulating other fake news and twisted half-truths, but I'll bet it felt good to write it. If nothing else, such scribbling serves as a tonic for the soul