Selling access: Slapdown

Apparently the Trumps didn't get it with the 'Coffee with Ivanka' thing.

They tried selling a private reception with Our Donald, the day after the inauguration. The price of such access? At least a $500,000 donation.

Donors willing to write a check for $500,000 to $1 million would be granted access to Donald J. Trump the day after he is sworn in as president, along with the opportunity to participate in a multiday hunting or fishing trip with his oldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric.


For the Trumps, the most recent potential conflict was the creation in Texas this month of the nonprofit Opening Day Foundation — presumably a reference to the first day of the hunting season — which listed Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. as members of the board of directors, along with Gentry Beach, a longtime friend of Donald Jr. who helped raise money for Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign and inauguration.

An invitation last week urged supporters of Mr. Trump to become “Bald Eagle” donors with a $1 million check or “Grizzly Bear” donors with a $500,000 payment, in exchange for an invitation to a private reception with Mr. Trump the day after his swearing-in, and a chance to go hunting at a later date with his sons.

“Opening Day is your opportunity to play a significant role as our family commemorates the inauguration of our father, friend and President Donald J. Trump,” the invitation said.

"A significant role?" In what way? Shovel a pile of money into the Trumpian coffers, and get to whisper sweet nothings about your pet project into Our Donald's ear?

Someone must have figured out that this sounds a lot like the Clinton Crime Syndicate, for the day after all this 'Bald Eagle' and 'Grizzly Bear' studliness was announced ... it was retracted.

But by Tuesday, a new invitation had been prepared, eliminating the offer for the biggest donors to go hunting with Eric and Donald Jr. and dropping the private reception with their father. A spokesman for Opening Day also said new legal papers would be filed to remove Eric and Donald Jr. as members of the group’s board.

But Hillary did it! Obama? No ... he didn't. But Hillary did!

That's the usual Repub mantra these days. "The Dems did it!" or "Obama did it!" or "Hillary did it!" as though that makes it OK.

Good thing Jesus didn't take that line in the Temptation in the desert, ain't it?

"But Satan did it!"

Yep, good thing for us it didn't turn out that way.