The shame of it all!

The Trumpkins and Obama-haters (not necessarily the same crew) are foaming at the mouth. Again.

They are incensed and Outraged! that Obama went to the golf course after being briefed on the Berlin truck bashing and the murder of the Russian ambassador in Turkey.

I wasn't aware that Berlin and/or Ankara are part of the United States. Did they ask for The Big O's presence? Should FEMA be called out? Do you think Obama should be pacing back and force in the Oval Office? Ready, to perhaps, launch missiles, or take calls from Bad Vlad? No? Perhaps he should be on Twitter?

Speaking of Twitter ... is Our Donald en route to assist, even as we speak?

Has Our Donald even managed to gargle anything intelligible, much less intelligent, about any of this?  I mean, like, other than a prepared statement handed to him by his string-pullers?