Trump: Destroyer of Jobs

OK ... yesterday we were in Sam's. Leece was looking for Oreos. She found 'em, but there was a female Trumpkin there who ranted on about how 'they' were boycotting Oreos, as 'Nabisco' is moving Oreo production to Mexico.

Some background:

On 21 August 2015 (and on multiple subsequent occasions), Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told crowds of supporters at a campaign rally that he'd sworn off Oreo cookies because the brand's maker, Nabisco, had closed their plant in Chicago and moved production of the snack product to Mexico:

"You know Mexico is the new China. The other day Nabisco, Nabisco ... Oreos right, Oreos. I love Oreos, I’ll never eat them again. Kay? Never eat 'em again. Nabisco closes a plant, they just announced a couple days ago, in Chicago and they’re moving the plant to Mexico. Now why? Why? Why?"

Well ... if Our Donald had done a bit of research - which requires reading, which of course he does not do - he would have found this, in the Chicago Tribune:

Mondelez International will lay off half of its 1,200 employees in its bakery on Chicago's Southwest Side after deciding to make a major investment in a Mexico plant rather than its long-standing facility here.

The company decided not to make a $130 million upgrade to the facility, the company's largest U.S. bakery, which dates to the 1950s, because the three unions that represent workers either did not make a proposal to keep the work or their concession packages were inadequate, said Laurie Guzzinati, a Mondelez spokeswoman.

The new production lines will make some of Nabisco's most popular products, including Oreo, Ritz and Grahams.

Unionistas. That's why. The unionistas decided to play hardball with Mondelez, which is the parent company of Nabisco, and they lost. I would think that Our Donald, Stiffer of Contractors, would understand that.

The company made this statement in response to Our Donald's lies:

A representative for Mondel─ôz Global LLC, said Trump's statements about the company are untrue. "We announced in July a new investment in our supply chain in an already-existing facility we have in Mexico. We are NOT closing our facility in Chicago," wrote Laurie M. Guzzinati, senior director for corporate and government affairs in North America for Mondel─ôz Global LLC.

"Though there will be an impact to some positions in Chicago, given that the investment is being made in a different facility in our manufacturing network, our Chicago bakery will continue to be an important site within the North American biscuit manufacturing network," Guzzinati wrote in an email to Foster's.

Guzzinati said that the Chicago bakery produces a variety of Nabisco cookies and crackers, and will remain important due to its geographical location.

"The Chicago bakery will remain one of the largest plants within the network from an overall head-count perspective," she said.

Guzzinati added that Oreos are made in several manufacturing sites within the United States, including Fair Lawn, N.J., Richmond, Va. and Portland, Ore.

Meanwhile ...

So while it's true that Nabisco's parent company announced the elimination of some jobs at a Chicago plant, the number of jobs affected was 600 (not 1,200 or 2,000), and the facility was not closed. The company concurrently invested the expansion of manufacturing plants in three states, and Oreos remain in production in the U.S. at facilities in New Jersey, Oregon, and Virginia.

So the Cookie Monster-in-Chief has shot off his face yet once again, making statements that are either completely ignorant of fact, or outright lies ... and in the process, the people who will ultimately suffer are the workers in the Nabisco plants.

'Christians'  - who in the form of the 'Christian' Right are ardent Trumpkins - are fond of boycotting businesses, in an attempt to get back at business owners. Witness all the Outrage! over 'Merry Christmas.' But the only people who really get hurt are the minimum wage workers, the Walmart cashiers, the little people who stock shelves, sweep floors, clean toilets, and flip burgers. They are ones who are laid off as the result of the outpouring of 'Christian' love we see every time evangelicals decide they are being 'persecuted.'

Note: "Mondelez" is not a Mexican company. From Wiki:

[It is an] American multinational confectionery, food, and beverage company based in Illinois which employs about 107,000 people around the world. It consists of the global snack and food brands of the former Kraft Foods Inc after the October 2012 spin-off of its North American grocery operations. The Mondelez name, adopted in 2012, was suggested by Kraft Foods employees and is a combination of the words for "world" and "delicious" in Romance languages.

Here is the story behind the name.