A snapped shower cap?

An enraged Trump, fuming about Russia

"[Trump] had grown enraged by the Russia investigation, two advisers said, frustrated by his inability to control the mushrooming narrative around Russia. He repeatedly asked aides why the Russia investigation wouldn’t disappear and demanded they speak out for him. He would sometimes scream at television clips about the probe, one adviser said.

Trump's firing of the high-profile FBI director on the 110th day since the president took office marked another sudden turn for an administration that has fired its acting attorney general, national security adviser and now its FBI director, whom Trump had praised until recent weeks and had even blew a kiss to during a January appearance."

Comey learned about his firing off the telly, while he was in LA. "No Balls" Trump, not even enough guts to face the man.

That 'screaming at the TV' thing sounds much like reports of Nixon's rage over Watergate.

It sounds like Trump has truly snapped his shower cap. Perhaps he should go hide in the bushes with Spicer.

One bitch-slap at a time ...

"... Lavrov was right where he has always wanted to be Wednesday: mocking the United States while being welcomed in the Oval Office by the president himself."

Yes, indeed. Ol' Heel Spurs, ever the astute, shrewd, sharp wheeler-and-dealer, got handed his genorkles by his good friends and bestest buds in the whole world.

America Being Made Great Again, one bitch-slap at a time.

Our pathetic excuse of a president

Multiple top White House officials have pointed the finger at little-known U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as the person who apparently made the case that Comey should be let go.

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill this morning, Vice President Mike Pence gave his first reaction to Comey’s dismissal and, like several administration officials before him, insisted that the initial recommendation was unexpected and came from Rosenstein.

“[Rosenstein] brought the recommendation to the president,” Pence told reporters. “The attorney general concurred with that recommendation and I, personally, am grateful that we have a president who is willing to provide the kind of decisive and strong leadership to take the recommendation of the deputy attorney general and the attorney general and to remove the FBI director who had lost the confidence in the American people.”

Pence denied that President Donald Trump’s decision to accept the recommendation had anything to do with the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. Rosenstein is also tasked with overseeing the investigation, after Sessions recused himself in March.

That part in red is not consistent with reportage from several other sources, which state that Trump directed Rosenstein to write the letter. So we have a liar for a president, and either an ignorant foil, or a liar, for a vice-president.

Interestingly, Rosenstein is apparently not taking kindly to being thrown under the Trumpian bus:

Rosenstein on verge of resignation over Comey firing

Trump didn't have the balls to fire Comey face-to-face; now he doesn't have the balls to take responsibility for the firing. Apparently he's a real badass when firing some pathetic intern on his TV show, but he lacks the scrotal resources to handle real people in the real world, people who can bite back.

And then we have this:

White House furious after being trolled with Russia Oval Office photos

Putin's boys slapped Ol' Heel Spurs silly and called him Sally.

Trump isn't Making Murrica Grate Agin. He's making America the laughingstock of the world.

What a collection of dweebs, idiots, buffoons, incompetents, and down-home morons.

Hiding in the bushes

Spicer ... hiding in the bushes, demanding no cameras, interview in darkness.

Babbling incoherently.

"When's the last time Trump and Comey spoke? “Uh, I don't know. I don't know. There's some — I don't know. I don't know,” he said.

"What were the three occasions on which the president says Comey assured him that he was not under investigation? “I don't — we can follow — I can try, yeah,” he said.

How long did the president deliberate? “I don't, I don't ... I can look at the tick-tock. I know that he was presented with that today. I'm not sure what time,” he said."

Look at the 'tick-tock?' What is that. The clock? A clock? Some kind of time-keeping device?

Whacked. Simply ... whacked.

"White Hot"

A 'white hot' Trump stewed over Comey's fate

"He wouldn't hear it (that he should be encouraged)," the friend said. "It's Russia. Russia. Trump and Russia." The President complained, with expletives, about Comey's "mildly nauseous" answer and said his answer when pressed on leaks convinced the President he was far less concerned about the leaks than Trump thought he should be."


1) It wasn't the fact that info was leaked that bothers Ol' Heel Spurs. It's the fact that the leaks make him and his accomplices look like the lying clowns that they are.

2) It apparently bothers Ol' Heel Spurs that the thought of helping him win the election, made Comey want to puke a bit.

3) That puts Comey in the same frame of gastric distress as the more than 65,853,516 of us who didn't vote for Ol' Heel Spurs. Though most of us are probably more than 'mildly nauseous' at the sight of that man sitting in that office.

Ol' Heel Spurs should get a grip. You can do some really stupid things when you're 'white hot.'


The Mudfog Workhouse Health Insurance Policy

Well, they've only had a bit more than seven years to come up with something.
The best they've done so far is a patched-together-like-so-many-worn-out-tinker-toys abomination that could have been the same health plan used to screw the widows and orphans languishing in the Mudfog Workhouse.

James Mahoney's 1871 engraving of Oliver challenging the dietary system of the Mudfog workhouse, "Uncaptioned Headpiece for Chapter One"

Trump's history lesson

Trumpian apologists are attempting to explain Our Donnie's abject ignorance by linking his comments to the Nullification Crisis of 1832. He was just too deep for us, intellectually.
That's nonsense. First, Our Donnie didn't even hint at the Nullification Crisis. I doubt that he is even aware of it. Why, you ask? Because he would have to read about it, and any written material about it has a lot of Big Werds, and is long. Too long for Our Donnie's attention span.
Our Donnie said: "People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War — if you think about it, why? People don’t ask that question, but why was there a Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?"
No one asks? Seriously? Our Donnie should take a walk through the Library of Congress and lookit all them things on duh shelfs. Them's 'books.' There's lotsa books about the Silver Ware. They gots stuff in dem about duh Silver Ware thing. Why and stuff like that.
I doubt that Our Donnie could tell Shelby Foote from his own foot, which is usually planted firmly in his own mouth.
Wait till he notices there are fifty stars on the flag. Then we'll get a Trumpian history and civics lesson.
"There are fifty stars on the flag. Most people have never noticed. People don't ask why, they don't ask that question. Think about it. And thirteen stripes. This is big. Huge. Thirteen. I think one of them is for Hawaii."

Colbert bashes Trump

After several disjointed, rambling, incoherent 'interviews' over the last several days, Ol' Heel Spurs showed how low rent he can go, in his interview with John Dickerson.


Of course, Colbert wallowed in the mud with the pig, but what the hey. It fits Trump's mindset, personality, and general lack of couth.

Colbert really lays it on starting at 10:00-ish into the clip.


The Handmaid's Tale

"The Handmaid's Tale" is quite good. It's pretty much how I imagine things would be were the fundamentalists able to wrest control, or otherwise not be restrained by secular law.
It has strong overtones of Heinlein's "If this goes on --" which is one of my favorites of his stories, and which is probably why "Handmaid" strikes such a strong chord. Imagine, if you will, the First Prophet, Nehemiah Scudder, being played by John Hagee or Mike Huckabee or David Barton or some other despicable fundie televangelist/politician/defrocked author, and his descendant prophets running the country. Heinlein's story was published as a serial in 1940; then it was incorporated into his 1953 collection, "Revolt in 2100," which is where I found it. I first read it when I was maybe 10 or 11. I had been devouring his 'youth' SF's, and came across this one, which is anything but a 'youth' SF. Even back then, Heinlein's view of fundamentalists in the US rang true, all the more remarkable because it was written well before the Second Red Scare and the rise of 'Christian' fundamentalism in the US. I have to wonder if Atwood was influenced by it.
"Handmaid," however, seems concentrated on the plight of women in a biblically-driven theocracy. Heinlein's story had that, but it was a sub-theme, in a larger freedom fight. In this story, we're dealing at least initially with a modern interpretation and application of the biblical threesome, Rachel, Bilhah, and Jacob. The first episode was somewhat disappointing in only one respect, as I would have expected a good old Levitican stoning in the 'particicution,' a new word apparently describing a group (participatory) execution.
We have plenty of people who in the guise of biblical belief are perfectly willing to break out the stakes and torches, and light the faggots (no play on words intended) around the non-believers, heretics, 'unwomen' (and presumably 'unmen') and anyone else not fitting the biblical bill. That's why the story so far is quite believable.


Alligator mouths

Ol' Heel Spurs and his henchmen continue to be their own worst enemies, especially when it comes to the courts.

Another federal judge has determined that Ol' Heel Spurs' alligator mouth has overloaded his hummingbird ass:

Sanctuary cities ruling: When a judge quotes Sean Spicer, it’s not a good sign for the White House

And of course, rather than learning anything from yet another slapdown, Ol' Heel Spurs just blusters and blathers. His base eats this up, but all he does his show his low-rent ass even more.

Trump attacks judiciary

“This case is yet one more example of egregious overreach by a single, unelected district judge,” the White House statement continued. “Today’s ruling undermines faith in our legal system and raises serious questions about circuit shopping."

Speak for yourself, Donno. I think this shows that the checks and balances are working as they should. Don't you have some miscellaneous bandits to bomb somewhere in the Middle East? Presuming you can find an aircraft carrier in the Med.

A tax plan and a new national dish

Here we go! If not 'the' Day of Days, then 'a' day of days ... as Ol' Heel Spurs rolls out his greatest ever Tax Plan! In broad principles, of course. Unless someone with some literary talent has written his speech for him, and unless he sticks to it without variation, we will be treated to another spectacle of fragmented phrases, finger waves, pursed lips, pregnant pauses, and variations of 'It's gonna be great,' 'you're gonna love it,' 'believe me!' and so on. And, possibly even some references to the size of his ... inauguration crowd, and how he won the election, as though, perhaps, he doesn't really believe it himself ("WTF am I doing here?")

Meanwhile, Mexican tuna is about to become the American National Dish.

Do you want it in water-pack, oil-pack, in cans, or in vacuum packed bags.

No longer will MLB be serving over-priced weenies at games. Nope. It will be ... tuna! And we ain't talkin' tuner sammitches, either ... nope ... tuna tostadas! Served with a side of crow. Waiting now, with bated breath, for another example of wonderful accomplishment, all geared toward Makin' Merka Grate Agin!


The continuing display of ignorance ...

Trump: 'I Never Realized How Big It Was'

... while Trump can be evasive, and he is often deeply misleading, the AP interview and another recent discussion with The Wall Street Journal are fascinating documents for what they show about a president reckoning frankly with how little he understands the government.

What these documents also show is that Ol' Heel Spurs, shooting off his mouth all during the campaign, had no idea at all what he was talking about. He really still does not.

Nor, apparently, did - nor do - the millions of people who voted for him. They slugged down the Kool-Aid, rally after rally, where all he did was spew out disconnected buzz phrases.

The dawning realization that he is in over his head ... way over his head ... is not in the least dampening his twisting of facts, his 'complicated relationship with the truth.'

The AP interview, linked herein, is well worth a read. It shows a complete disconnect from reality, no different from other such interviews.

I would like to have my president fairly well grounded in this reality, not some alternate universe. A sense of real-world perspective is useful in dealing with the crazies like the Fat Little NORK, Assad, and the Iranians. And sociopaths like Putin.


Earth Day and March for Science

Errors made about creation will result in errors about God as well. The opinion is false of those who assert that it makes no difference to the truth of faith what anyone holds about creatures, so long as one thinks rightly about God. For error about creatures spills over into false opinion about God and takes people's minds away from God, to whom faith seeks to lead them. For this reason scripture threatens punishment to those who err about creatures): (Psaom 28:5) "Because they have not really understood the works of the Lord and the work of God's hands, you will destroy them, and not build them up." There can be no question that to study creatures is to build up one's Christian faith.

 - Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles, Ch. 2 n. 3.

In some areas of his scribblings, Aquinas states 'creation' rather than 'creatures.'

That some scientists might be atheists - and a good many are not - does not lessen the truth of Aquinas' observation.

I have always found it interesting that the most vocal opponents of science, as opposed to biblical literalness, are evangelicals - fundamentalists in particular. By insisting that the bible serve as a science text, they give God short shrift in the complexity and extent of all that exists within that which he has created. It amazes me that people of the 21st century can insist on holding to a 'scientific' world view driven by how a collection of Neolithic goatherds understood the universe.


Trump bloviates again

Trump scoffs at 100-day mark as ‘ridiculous standard’

Of course he does.

Because it's yet another exposure of just how full of shit the man really is.

“No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!” Trump wrote on Twitter Friday morning.

He's killing himself, by failing to make good on his "100-day action plan to Make America Great Again.”

Failure, Donnie. Wrap your lips around the word; embrace it, own it.


Trump's 100 days of failure

Failure, Donnie. The 'F' word. Wrap your lips around it, embrace it. It's all yours.

Remember when the White House had faith?

Remember when the White House had faith?

I do.

"But as Christians, we believe that redemption can be delivered — by faith in Jesus Christ. And the possibility of redemption can make straight the crookedness of a character; make whole the incompleteness of a soul. Redemption makes life, however fleeting here on Earth, resound with eternal hope." - Barack H. Obama

Fast forward to today’s White House, with a man who is undoubtedly one of the most religiously illiterate and thoroughly secular presidents in American history.


Those on the right have been using religion to criticize the White House for years. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney once accused Obama of seeking to “take God out of my heart,” and other Republicans suggested Obama was waging a “war on religion.” Obama was falsely accused of “ending the National Day of Prayer,” while in fact not only did he continue to recognize it, but his Department of Justice defended the day from a lawsuit from a secular activist and won.

Meanwhile, where is the breathless hand-wringing over Trump’s lack of church attendance? Weren’t we told he had a miraculous conversion experience in the run-up to the election?

That breathless handwringing is probably in the same place as all the righteous indignation the 'Christian' Right and other rightwingers frothed up over a president who never served in the military.

Indeed. 'Christian' evangelicals have been seriously snookered. The falseness of Trump was and is readily apparent. Yet for 'Christian' evangelicals, it seems the hallmark of 'The X-Files' trumped [I could not resist] common sense and observable fact.

The Phantom Armada

The Phantom Armada.

From the liberal, lying, and failing New Yorker:

"The real location of the Vinson finally became clear on Tuesday, not because the Administration decided to treat the American people like adults and correct the story head-on but because Defense News, a specialized publication, noticed that the Navy had put out a picture of the Vinson crossing the Sunda Strait, between Java and Sumatra—and thirty-five hundred miles from the Korean Peninsula—with a dateline of April 15th. Defense News confirmed the position and the date with its military sources, and noted, “Off the record, several officials expressed wonderment at the persistent reports that the Vinson was already nearing Korea.” Indeed, at that point, there were persistent reports that the United States and North Korea were nearing a shooting war. And is that any wonder?"


Saber-rattling morons, who don't even know where they've stashed the saber.

But Pence do look kool like dat, don't he?

The arrogance of John Kelly

That comment by Gen'rul Kelly really sticks in the ol' craw.

"... instead of assuming as they should that the men and women of DHS are carrying out their assigned mission in accordance with the law.’’

We the People should never 'assume' that anyone in the government is carrying out their assigned mission in accordance with the law.

Speaking to Kelly's own Beloved Corps ... they'd still be drowning boots in Ribbon Creek, or stuffing them into dryers at Parris Island, or having 'em 'fall' off stairwells, if We the People 'assumed' Kelly and his people were all 'carrying out their assigned mission in accordance with the law.' We wouldn't have more than half of Marine air unfit for service ... though Congress also has a fair amount of responsibility for that one. Or does the gen'rul and Congress intend to point the finger at Obama on that one, too. Then there's a pretty good rash of senior leaders being relieved because their superiors 'have lost confidence in their ability to command and provide leadership.'

Our Beloved Corps *is* in fact one of the nation's most beloved and respected institutions. Most of the time. But ... "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

We the People do not send our kids to serve in Our Beloved Corps so people like Kelly can do WTF they want with them, without question. Serving in the armed forces can be dangerous enough business as it is; why would we want to make it worse by letting the gen'ruls and the colonels have unquestioned and unfettered reign.

The gen'rul needs to grow a thicker skin. He isn't surrounded by sycophantic underlings.

This is precisely why we have a First Amendment. And a 'lying and disloyal' free press.

Trusting the government, assuming they are 'lawful' - the administration, the Congress, and sadly entirely too many of the military command - gives us this:

and this:

and this:

Cause of helicopter collision that killed 12 Marines off Hawaii revealed

The official report said the pilots’ Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii squadron neglected to focus on basic aviation practices, leaving personnel ill prepared for the rigors of flying in formation and in the dark. The pilots had apparently not met minimum flying hour goals prior to the exercise.

Additionally, officials believe the flight should have been cancelled because the unit commander had been fired days before the incident.

By Kelly's thinking, we are to assume that 'officials' are on top of things, all is well, and we are to not question their authority.

Bullshit, gen'rul.

Low-rent Palin

Palin invited Ted Nugent and Kid Rock to the White House because 'Jesus was booked'

This is very disappointing.

I can't imagine what Jesus was thinking.

Turning down an invitation to slurp grits with Ol' Heel Spurs *and* Sarah "DoubleWide" Palin?

How can He consider Himself a RealAmerican™?

And how does this affect the GOP vetting Him as chairperson for the RNC?

I mean, like, it's enough to rattle one's faith.

I'll confess to at first thinking Palin was great. It didn't take long for her cheap, low-rent behaviors and attitudes to come bubbling up. Now, she's where she belongs, on the edges of the trash heap of history. That Ol' Heel Spurs would invite this trailer trash to the White House is not in the least surprising. He is the best evidence that being obscenely rich can't buy you class.

Nugent?  I'll confess to having had mixed feelings about him. He has that out-spoken all-Merkin quality that many people admire. But too often, he just comes across as a rude asshole, also an example of how having a pile of money, and even some talent, can't buy you class. This latest episode just goes to show you you can take the boy out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the boy.

Kid Rock is not a factor. From my perspective, a non-entity.

Here's the thing that got it all moving:

On Wednesday evening, she posted one of the three guests making faces in front of Hillary Clinton’s White House portrait from her time as first lady.

“Yeah, yeah,” Palin said Thursday on CNN. “I think the picture says it all.”

Yeah, yeah. It sure does. We can thank God that this childish bit of low-rent trash didn't end up as Vice President of the United States.

Best comment I"ve seen yet on the photo op:

"Yeah, Sarah Palin, that's Hillary's portrait hanging in the White House. Where's yours?"


Back when the White House had faith

Remember when the White House had faith?

"But as Christians, we believe that redemption can be delivered — by faith in Jesus Christ. And the possibility of redemption can make straight the crookedness of a character; make whole the incompleteness of a soul. Redemption makes life, however fleeting here on Earth, resound with eternal hope." - Barack H. Obama

Fast forward to today’s White House, with a man who is undoubtedly one of the most religiously illiterate and thoroughly secular presidents in American history.


Those on the right have been using religion to criticize the White House for years. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney once accused Obama of seeking to “take God out of my heart,” and other Republicans suggested Obama was waging a “war on religion.” Obama was falsely accused of “ending the National Day of Prayer,” while in fact not only did he continue to recognize it, but his Department of Justice defended the day from a lawsuit from a secular activist and won.

Meanwhile, where is the breathless hand-wringing over Trump’s lack of church attendance? Weren’t we told he had a miraculous conversion experience in the run-up to the election?

Indeed. 'Christian' evangelicals have been seriously snookered. The falseness of Trump was and is readily apparent. Yet for 'Christian' evangelicals, it seems the hallmark of 'The X-Files' trumped [I could not resist] common sense and observable fact.

I remember attending a 'National Day of Prayer' shindig here in The Smile Hi. Yep. Down at the Santa Fe Plaza. Our own Tony Bolen foamed in Outraged!™ fury at how the closet Muslim was going to end the National Day of Prayer. Obama never did any such thing; there is absolutely no evidence that he even remotely considered such a thing ... but that didn't faze Bolen nor those of his ilk, and they were and are legion.

So where is the evidence of Ol' Heel Spurs marvelous (some might say 'miraculously convenient') conversion experience?

How is that 'Christian' conviction Ol' Heel Spurs claims to possess translating into behaviors and accomplishments in the government?

I'll tell you how.

It isn't.


Anchors aweigh, m'boys!

Remember when Ol' Heel Spurs was going on about sending in *his* Navy? Like, you know, to rattle the Fat Little NORK's cage a bit.

“We are sending an armada, very powerful.”

Fake news.

 Instead of steaming toward the Korea Peninsula, the carrier strike group was actually headed in the opposite direction to take part in “scheduled exercises with Australian forces in the Indian Ocean,” according to Defense News, which first reported the story.

Neither the Pacific Command nor the Pacific Fleet responded immediately to requests for comment.

I'll bet they didn't.

It seems that Vinson and Carrier Strike Group 1 (aka 'the armada') won't be anywhere near Korea till the end of the month.

New trash can appears; residents react!


Pence and his A-2 jacket

America Can’t Do Much About North Korea ... but whatever it can do, it will need China.

I must say that Pence looked pretty spiffy, in his personalized USAF A-2. No, it wasn't a 'Top Gun' Navy flight jacket. Those are G-1's, with a faux fur collar and no epaulets.

But he did look spiffy. Like a real bad ass. And he went out there and stared sternly at the NORKs. The NORKs, apparently unimpressed, took a bunch of snappies.

Despite that the NORKs didn't cower in fear, I felt a quiver of all-American patriotic passion at the very sight. It just made me want to launch missiles or drop bombs, or at the very least, recite the pledge of allegiance.

Pence's father was in Korea for the first dance-around with the NORKs.  Pence Père received the Bronze Star for his service there.

Pence himself hasn't done much except serve as a political whore most of his life. And posture in a USAF A-2.

Pence Fils in in the Marines.

Veep Pence and Ol' Heel Spurs have had a taste of blood, what with those Tomahawks and the MOAB. Blowing shit up is so much easier than not, and it really works in the polls. There's nothing to get the patriotic juices flowing in Copper Kitchens all across Murrica than a good saber-rattling.

So Pence Fils may have an opportunity to get his own Bronze Star, or maybe even better, like a flag-draped casket, and a couple of buglers, and a firing party, all in dress blues, with a suitably senior Marine officer handing Pence Mère the flag, with a stern-looking Pence the Veep, presumably in his spiffy, patriotic A-2, looking on.

Getting through this without bloodshed on a biblical scale requires a commander-in-chief who can string a couple of thoughts together without sounding like a fourth grader from the lowest quartile on the standardized tests. Someone who has actually read a book or two about history, and strategy, and politics on the world stage.

We don't have that. We have Trump, a buffoon who has discovered bombs. Big bombs. The best bombs in the world.


The illusory life of Sean Spicer

And the best one of the day ... proof, of sorts that we have not lost our minds.

Sean Spicer Is the Perfectly Awful Spokesman That Donald Trump Deserves

"The president often says stupid, impulsive, indefensible things. Why shouldn't his press secretary do the same?"

Good point. By having a mindless, parrot-like sycophant like Spicer spewing more garbage, we are all much better off.

God help us if Ol' Heel Spurs were to come up with an urbane, smooth and polished liar to gloss over his incoherence. We might actually believe the garbage that comes out of the Oval.

With Spicer we are under no such illusions. We can pretty much assume that everything coming out of his mouth is a lie.

Hoist by his own fake news petard

Putin Hoists Trump on His Own Fake News Petard

"The succulent truth of the chemical attack is that Putin’s lying mouth has forced Trump to endorse the findings and accuracy of his own intelligence establishment—the same intelligence establishment he has repeatedly vilified on Twitter and compared to Nazis."


"Not that Trump isn’t capable of slithering his way out of an unflattering or criminal finding of his campaign’s conduct. As he proved during the campaign, he will go to any length to avoid horrid truths about his views and his conduct. The master of diversion, he maintains a stockpile of news glitter he can dispense at a moment’s notice to reroute the national debate into one of his vile culs-de-sac. Alas, his fidelity to the truth—the chemwar finding—is consistent with the rest of his persona: It’s situational."

And 'yep' again. It was said of Ben Carson that 'he has a complicated relationship with the truth.'

With Ol' Heel Spurs, it is much simpler. The man has no relationship with the truth


The Waffler-in-Chief changes again ... how many flip-flops is this on health care and tax reform?

Trump changes course again, says health-care repeal must happen before tax overhaul

"The comments from Trump and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney mark a sharp reversal from the administration’s approach just a few weeks ago. After they were dealt a stinging defeat when conservative Republicans refused to vote for a GOP health-care plan, Trump angrily said he was pivoting to tax reform and has been peppering his top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, for details of their tax timeline ever since."

Not to worry. It isn't that they don't have a clue ... it's simply a 'procedural issue.' I'm sure that we are simply too stupid to get our minds around the man's sublime genius

Imitation and flattery

I'm wondering what kind of syrup he likes on his waffles.

3 big ways Trump is starting to sound like Obama on the economy

 "In an interview Wednesday with the Wall Street Journal, Trump reversed his stance on three economic issues, moving closer to the policies of his predecessor. Trump has continually changed his policies since launching his presidential campaign in 2015, and whether his latest statements represent a shift or a one-off set of comments remains to be seen. But if Trump follows through on his latest promises, he'll have adopted a large segment of Obama's economic platform."

Apparently The Big O wasn't quite the Compleat Incompetent Ol' Heel Spurs would like us to believe. What's that they say about imitation and flattery?

Of course, by this time tomorrow, he could have changed his 'mind' again, and be off on some totally irrational tangent.

Trump's illegal and ill-advised Syrian strike

Most polls are showing a slight majority of Americans approve the Syrian strike ordered by Ol' Heel Spurs.

Apparently Ol' Heel Spurs was deeply moved by viewing images of dead Syrian kids. I suspect that most us of were and are moved, even deeply moved, by such images. But does that justify a peremptory unilateral airstrike, particularly when there is no identifiable imminent threat to the United States?

When a reality-TV president orders a missile strike

“We see these beautiful pictures at night from the decks of these two U.S. Navy vessels in the eastern Mediterranean,” Williams said during a broadcast. “I am tempted to quote the great Leonard Cohen, ‘I am guided by the beauty of our weapons.’ And they are beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments making, what is for them, a brief flight over to this airfield.”

“Guest after guest is gushing,” tweeted Sam Sacks, the co-founder of The District Sentinel, a website focused on federal policy. “From MSNBC to CNN, Trump is receiving his best night of press so far. And all he had to do was start a war.”

Arguably, Ol' Heel Spurs did not start the war. It was moving along quite well on its own. Nonetheless, what he did do, was by any definition an act of war. He did it as an emotional reaction. He didn't do it as part of an on-going policy or strategy. He didn't even follow his own criticisms of Obama, back in 2013, when he castigated Obama for even thinking of acting without consulting Congress. Back then, Assad had gassed a lot more Syrians, too, 1500 or so, nearly 500 of which were children. Mitch McConnell went on about how there was no 'imminent threat to the United States.'

Apparently neither they nor their accomplices saw the photos, back then.

Trump’s extraordinary instinct for television is matched by his appetite for it. He rarely sleeps, The Washington Post reported, and instead “watches enormous amounts of television all through the night.” During the presidential campaign, he told Chuck Todd, the Meet the Press host, that he got military advice by watching “the shows” on cable.

God help us, the man who has the authority to loose the nukes gets his advice from the likes of Ollie North, Ralph Peters, and the rest of the retired hacks who are making a quick buck with their 'expertise.'

But it gets better. Or worse, depending on your perspective.

Trump's unlawful attack on Syria

Indeed, from his statements on Thursday, it seems at least possible that, moved by the horrific video images of Syrian children suffocated by a gas attack, Trump simply decided to "do something" because, as he said in his statement, "No child of god should ever suffer such horror."

The impulse to act without thinking would be understandable. Careful planning and clarity of purpose aren't easy in a fast-moving international situation. But the framers of the Constitution constructed a mechanism to reduce or eliminate the danger that a president would take the nation to war on a fleeting impulse.

The Trumpkins apparently pride themselves on being Constitutional experts. Yet clearly, in supporting this Constitutional faux pas, they demonstrate a great ignorance of that document.

Donald Trump's action in Syria proves he is not in league with Putin, says his son Eric

Actually, it does no such thing, but for the moment, that's another story.

"Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I'm sure she said: 'Listen, this is horrible stuff,' " Eric Trump told the Telegraph.

Eric Trump is not involved with the administration and is currently running the Trump Organization in his father's absence along with his brother Donald Trump Jr.

"I stay out of politics and I stay out of the administration, but you can tell he was deeply affected by those images of the children," he added.

"My father will act in times like that. And by the way, he was anti doing anything with Syria two years ago. Then a leader gasses their own people, women and children," Eric Trump told the Telegraph. "At some point America is the global leader and the world's superpower has to come forward and act and they did with a lot of support of our allies and I think that's a great thing."" Eric Trump told the Telegraph. "At some point America is the global leader and the world's superpower has to come forward and act and they did with a lot of support of our allies and I think that's a great thing."

Ivanka was heartbroken. That's grounds for launching 59 Tomahawks? Ivanka has three kids. That's grounds for launching 59 Tomahawks?

This item is Trump the Younger's greatest bit of bullshit:

And by the way, he was anti doing anything with Syria two years ago. Then a leader gasses their own people, women and children.

Trump was anti-doing anything in Syria four years ago, when the far larger murder of Syrians took place. Trump the Younger complete blows over that, as though this latest incident is unique and standing alone. It is neither.

These people know nothing about the Constitution, and even less about proper and legal use of military force. The Trumpkins are not in the least bothered by this, and continue to swill the Kool-Aid by the tanker load.


The Syrian Affair

The hypocrisy and stupidity of Donald Trump and the GOP is explained very well in this article from Atlantic.

Trump's Syrian strike was un-constitutional and unwise

Trump was and has been viciously critical of Obama's 'red line' thing, and the fact that there was no real action on Obama's part.

“What I am saying is stay out of Syria,” Trump added days later. “AGAIN, TO OUR VERY FOOLISH LEADER,” he emphasized, “DO NOT ATTACK SYRIA - IF YOU DO MANY VERY BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN & FROM THAT FIGHT THE U.S. GETS NOTHING!”

It gets even better:

Obama did take his case to the Congress, which is what he was supposed to do, given that there was no clear and present danger presented to the United States. He didn't need Ol' Heel Spurs to tell him that.

Mitch McConnell was vehemently opposed to striking Syria when Obama sought approval from Congress.

“But let’s be very clear about something. These attacks, monstrous as they are, were not a direct attack against the United States or one of its treaty allies ..."

Nor were the chemical attacks of this past week a direct attack against the United States or one of its treaty allies.

Trump was even more vehemently opposed, back in 2013. And yet, this week, he blamed Obama for this most recent outrage by Assad. He even accused Obama of plotting to use strikes back then, even before the 2013 Syrian attacks, as a way to boost his polling numbers.

Yep. He did:

So now we have Trump, having looked a couple of photos of dead kids, making an emotional decision to attack Syria. A more cynical person might think he was more motivated by an opportunity to boost his poll numbers, which are in the toilet, rather than any concern for some Syrian slum kids.

Here's a good list of Trump's ranting Tweets, about the 2013 Syrian chemical attacks, and how Obama should not intervene.

Back in 2013, “more than 100 House lawmakers––at least 98 Republicans and 18 Democrats––signed on to a letter formally requesting that President Obama seek congressional approval for any military response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria,” the Washington Post reported. “The letter, first written by Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va.), suggests that failure to seek congressional authorization for military strikes would be unconstitutional.”

And the saber-rattlers in the GOP continue to run around with their peckers at high port.
I suppose in order to be a TrueAmerican™, I should make sure to set the flag out in the front of the house along with a sign, "God bless Trump!"


The evangelical message of worthlessness

From Fr. Richard this morning:

"...and it was good ..."; "... and it was good ..."; "...it was very good ...".

It was good because God saw it was good, and he should know, he made it all. Right?


Fr. Richard's opening observation from this morning's mailbag:

"When Christians defined Jesus in a small way — as a mere problem solver for sin — we soon became preoccupied with sin itself, which is a largely negative foundation. We became blind to much else going on in this world except sin and its effects, which became preoccupations of most monks and reformers. One well- known Protestant reformer actually spoke of “total depravity” to characterize the human situation; another spoke of human nature as “a pile of manure covered with the snow of Christ.” With such a negative anthropology and without inherent human dignity, it is very hard for even a good theology to succeed. Grace can only build on—and perfect—nature; it cannot undo it, says Catholic theology. We must start where the Bible begins in Genesis 1: “It was good, it was good . . . it was very good” (Genesis 1:10-31)."

Then we have:

"Yet many Christian leaders and churches focus on shame and guilt, atonement and reparation, as if we were children frightened of an abusive father. Is there no greater meaning to our individual lives and history than to be chastened, corrected, and “saved” by God? Is there no implanted hope and goodness to first celebrate? The starting point of religion and life cannot be a huge problem. If we start with original sin (beginning with Genesis 3 rather than Genesis 1), our worldview is scarcity rather than abundance."

How many times have we heard these 'evangelicals' rant on about what unworthy worms we are. What losers we are. About how "... Christ died for our worthless, depraved, sad sack selves."

But he apparently did think we were worthy. Otherwise, why go through the whole crucifixion thing? What was the point of all that? I've never gotten an answer to that question that makes any sense at all. Not from the traveling 'evangelicals' with their message of worthlessness.

They're pretty good about passing the hat for 'love offerings,' though.

A pox on 'em all.


An email to Ken Buck

From your latest newsletter:

"We need to move forward and work on new legislation that makes insurance more affordable and that drives down the cost of care."

The GOP has had seven years to come up with something better than Obamacare. TrumpCare was a farce, a half-witted scheme that made Obamacare look like a work of genius in comparison.

The GOP has tried, rather stupidly and clearly ineffectively, to 'repeal' Obamacare some 60 times in the last seven years. TrumpCare was the culmination of ineffective, disorganized political buffoonery.

Do you really believe that TrumpCare was better? Seriously?

Take a read of this:

Paul Ryan brought down to size

and tell me, if you can, where they are wrong.

And tell me, if you can, where that disorganized, incoherent, lying-through-his-teeth-with-every-breath clown in the Oval is accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Coal smoke and sooty mirrors

The buffoonery, the lies, and the half-truths continue.

“We don’t import coal,” said Robert Stavins, an energy economist at Harvard University. “So in terms of the Clean Power Plan, this has nothing to do with so-called energy independence whatsoever.”

Yeah, but Stavins is an effete libtard eastern Ivy League snob, not a RealAmerican™. He's just trying to confuse the Trumpkins with fact.

"The new order would mean that older coal plants that had been marked for closings would probably stay open, said Robert W. Godby, an energy economist at the University of Wyoming. That would extend the market demand for coal for up to a decade.

But even so, “the mines that are staying open are using more mechanization,” he said. “They’re not hiring people.”

“So even if we saw an increase in coal production, we could see a decrease in coal jobs,” he said."

But wait ... didn't Mnuchin say that robotics and automation were fifty or more years down the road?


Trump's commissars

Ol' Heel Spurs is taking a page out of the playbook of his bestest bud, 'Bad Vlad' Putin:

White House installs political aides at Cabinet agencies to be Trump’s eyes and ears

At the Pentagon, they’re privately calling the former Marine officer and fighter pilot who’s supposed to keep his eye on Defense Secretary Jim Mattis “the commissar,” according to a high-ranking defense official with knowledge of the situation. It’s a reference to Soviet-era Communist Party officials who were assigned to military units to ensure their commanders remained loyal.

Most members of President Trump’s Cabinet do not yet have leadership teams in place or even nominees for top deputies. But they do have an influential coterie of senior aides installed by the White House who are charged — above all — with monitoring the secretaries’ loyalty, according to eight officials in and outside the administration.


Commissar (sometimes Kommissar) is an English transliteration of the Russian комиссáр, which means commissary. In English, the transliteration "commissar" is used to refer specifically to Communist political officers ...


Russell Moore and the 'Christian' Right

Why evangelical opposition to Russell Moore is deluded

"Anyone who thinks Russell Moore should lose his job is advancing a vile heresy and a dangerous idolatry — that Christian leaders should ardently praise the Republican Party’s chosen leader no matter how vile, obnoxious and un-Christian he is.

The problem for the anti-Moore set — and it is a small club of crusty old insiders — is not political, but religious. Moore’s critics are blind to the lessons of politics, but they are also failing a spiritual test.

What immoralities would they not abide for a chance to eat crumbs from the president’s table? What sins and crimes would they consider severe enough to split with a Republican politician over?

Churches that would withhold support for denominational agencies also undermine and besmirch the work of Southern Baptists in other areas: evangelism, theological education, disaster relief, etc."

One might successfully argue that Isaiah's opening rant (Isaiah 1:10-20) applies directly to the 'anti-Moore set,' and a goodly portion of the GOP as well. Come to think on it, Matthew 23 in its entirety is not at all out of place in a critique of Ol' Heel Spurs' "administration" (or whatever that three ring circus is), as well as 'the anti-Moore set' particularly and the Religious Right generally.

Rachel Maddow, laughingstock

Well, Rachel Maddow made an ass of herself, with her ... dare I say it ... 'Trumped up' extravaganza over the cherry-picked tax return.

All that, for two pages of one return, that was, as we are beginning to discern, leaked by TeamTrump™ itself.

A cherry-picked return, without any of the additional data, out of 25 years and more worth of returns. Leaked conveniently in the midst of the blood-letting over TrumpCare™, and PutinGate.

Pretty Slick (no reference to Bill intended or construable) if you ask me. A good bit of the news cycle went to this bit of fluff, diverting attention from the slime oozing out of the Oval Office over the connection between Franklin Graham's Great Defender of the Christian Faith and ol' Heel Spurs ... as well as drifting the focus away from the shit sandwich called TrumpCare™. It's worthy of comparison with any obfuscation perpetrated by the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Rachel Maddow. A perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with the left. Now stick your other foot in, Rache.


Wall Street traders

This one's a hoot:

"Much of America is not going to weep for the types of people depicted in The Wolf of Wall Street, yet this new AI reality could be devastating in many ways. Imagine the impact on high-end real estate in New York. Think of the “For Sale” signs on summer beach homes in Southampton. How will luxury retailers survive the likely dip in sales of $2,000 suits and $5,900-per-pound white truffles? Maybe Donald Trump will be driven to demand that somebody bring back traders’ jobs, thinking they’ve moved to Mexico."

Artificial Intelligence transforms Wall Street

It wouldn't bother me if they all ended up in line for food stamps.

Remember how they screwed us all back in 2008/2009?

Preet Bharara

"Preet Bharara is known for his fierce pursuit of insider trading and corruption cases. Now, he's out."

Yeah ... I can see why Ol' Heel Spurs wouldn't want a guy like this in the Department of Justice.

Another 'ism'

"We are facing another 'ism,' just like we faced Nazism, and fascism, and imperialism and communism," Flynn said. "This is Islamism, it is a vicious cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people on this planet and it has to be excised."

So then we find that Flynn contracted with the Erdoğan regime, probably as corrupt an Islamic regime as you will find anywhere, for more than half a million bucks.

That was our National Security Advisor, selected by Ol' Heel Spurs. Turns out the Trumpian regime knew about all this beforehand, but it made no difference.

A whore by any other name, is still a whore.

Meanwhile, not only do we have Russian tentacles wrapped around the US government at all levels, we now see that the white Christian evangelicals are in the sack with Putin and his gang of thugs. Franklin Graham has his nose so far up Putin's ass, it's a wonder Putin can fart, much less take a dump. Graham, the darling of the 'Christian' Right, thinks Putin is a stalwart defender of Christianity.

I'm not sure how that sits with this:

Russian/Syrian war crimes in bombing Aleppo

but I'm sure Graham can come up with some rationalization that the Trumpkins will suck up like so much Kool-Aid. Perhaps the old 'nits make lice' argument would work when it comes to bombing orphanages and killing children indiscriminately. After all, it was uttered by a good Methodist preacher; why not a repeat by a good Baptist preacher.


The Trumpoids claim that the CBO report is 'unbelievable.'
No ... what is 'unbelievable' is pretty much anything coming out of the mouths of Spicer, Conway, Price, and Ol' Heel Spurs himself.
They really do think that We the People are complete morons.

'Wiretapping' isn't really 'wiretapping'. And apparently, 'everybody' is not 'everybody.'


The Republicans in the Kremlin

Moscow cozies up to the Religious Right

Russia is equally keen on cultivating links to Republicans. Some of the officials who attended the dinner--including a deputy central banker and former Russian senator named Alexander Torshin, and his protégée, a young gun-rights activist named Maria Butina--have been part of a years-long campaign to build connections between Russia's leaders and American conservatives. The crusade, which predates the rise of Trump, has garnered scant attention but achieved significant success, sparking new alliances with leading U.S. evangelicals, lawmakers and powerful interest groups like the NRA.


Prominent social conservative leaders, like Franklin Graham, say they see Putin as a powerful partner in the quest to protect Christian religious minorities. In war zones like Syria, says Graham, Putin has been a stronger defender of Christians than U.S. leaders. "Islam teaches to kill Christians and Jews," claims Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Putin "sees himself in the Middle East as defending the Christian remnant that is left in Syria." 

Graham needs to get a grip. Putin is a 'champion of Christianity?'

Russian-Syrian war crimes

If Graham is representative of America's 'white Christian evangelicals,' I want no part of them.

The politics of health insurance

We Mapped the Uninsured. You'll Notice a Pattern.

There's a really good interactive map embedded in that link.

The remaining uninsured are primarily in the South and the Southwest. They tend to be poor. They tend to live in Republican-leaning states.

They tend to be poor.

The remaining uninsured tend to live in Republican-leaning states.

Or, mostly the Bible Belt.

What was that Sermon on the Mount thingie?

Let's hear some more, from those GOP pricks pimping TrumpCare, how this is a 'Christian nation.'

Or better yet, if Franklin Graham - one of God's consummate professionals -can pull himself away from staring soulfully into that Russian hottie's eyes, he can tell me how I really don't understand what Jesus was saying anyway.

You have to sitteth at the Right Hand so God can whisper the GOP platform into your ear, giving you the TrueScoop™ on the bible. Or do I have that relationship reversed ...


iPhones and TrumpCare

"Americans have choices, and they've got to make a choice. So rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest in their own health care.

"They've got to make those decisions themselves," Chaffetz added.

I don't see anything wrong with that.

One of the counter-arguments to the so-called 'ObamaPhone' nonsense was that these days, you need a phone number for just about anything, including filing at Job Service. Wire phones, like pay phones, are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and like it or not, cell phones are the main means of communication these days.

Sidenote: The 'ObamaPhone' thing, wherein the 'conservatives' were vaporlocking over welfare recipients being given free phones and free phone service, is another myth. And, one that doesn't take much effort to debunk. But why would you want to debunk it, when it just sounds so good, and it's something else to rant and rave about. BTW ... the 'Lifeline' program, which is what the 'ObamaPhone' thing really is ... was created by Ronald Reagan and the 99th Congress.

Chaffetz isn't proposing 'no phones' as a modern version of 'Let 'em eat cake.' He is simply stating that maybe that iPhone 7 isn't such a good idea for those people whose income isn't all that an a bag of chips. A more basic phone, for basic communication, is a more pragmatic solution.

Chaffetz and I are in agreeance, at least on this little bit. Why should I fund Joe Burgerflipper's iPhone 7 indirectly by paying for his insurance? Mr. Burgerflipper needs to resist his need for material gratification, and cancel his kids' phones and lower his sights a bit on his own phone.

Joe Burgerflipper needs to make that decision himself, not let the government do it for him. One or the other. Health insurance for himself, Mrs. Burgerflipper, and the Burgerflipper kids ... or nice new iPhones all around. His choice.

What a concept.


"I can deny it ..."

We had whole weekend pretty much ignoring the lunacy of Merkin politcs ... till we returned to find that we have Ol' Heel Spurs having a hissy fit, because the Sessions Affair has drawn attention away from His Most Wonderful Speech In The Entire History of Man.

He had an ass-ripping Session (no pun intended) in the Oval, where more expletives are deleted than in any meeting since Nixon discovered that presidents really aren't above the law, though it can be hard to nail 'em down at times.

So Ol' Heel Spurs needed a distraction. Nixon ... Nixon ... hmmm ... Aha! The lightbulb came on, though dimly. Down at Mar-A-Lago, at six-ish AM, while no doubt sitting on his gold-plated-and-ivory shitter, with his dirty Hanes draped around his ankles, he let loose a flurry of twits. Tweets. Whatever. Obama (which is Satan spelled backwards; ask any Trumpkin, it's in the bible somewhere) WIRETAPPED TRUMP TOWER! Of course he did. It's as plain as the nose on your face.

John Comey has asked the Department of Justice to refute Ol' Heel Spurs' claim; no response yet from DoJ. Speaking of the FBI, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has explicitly denied that the FBI tapped Trump's phones via FISA; "I can deny it," he said to the talking head on 'Meet the News.'

Meanwhile, the Trumpkins are on a roll, what with CNN getting fined 30 million bux (not true of course but never let truth get in the way of a good Trumpkin roll) and ... Milo, the Perve-in-Chief, has determined that Snopes is full of lefties and is publishing fake news about fake news and the Trumpkins are eating it up. Never mind that Milo is so toxic not even the CPAC crazies would touch him.

And yet ... the Trumpkins insist that Ol' Heel Spurs is doing exactly what he said he would do. They keep saying that, but when I ask 'em, what exactly is that, other than sitting on his gold-plated ivory shitter in the wee hours of the morning, sharing his narcissistic nightmares with the world in the form of informal presidential policy, I don't get anything resembling a coherent answer.

And the band plays on ...


Ol' Heel Spurs' speech

Three failures of Trump's speech

Good assessment of The Speech. As noted elseplace, it was well-written, and delivered in good fashion. At least he didn't 'show up in a clown suit' and rattle and prattle about the size of his inauguration crowds. Or bitch about the press being mean to him.

OTOH, as noted in the article, it was pretty much empty fluff, long on rhetoric, containing a bit of tear jerker faux 'patriotism' - at least he didn't tell the widow it was all the generals' fault - long on rhetoric, devoid of substance.

There’s much more to the story of the fallen Navy SEAL Trump praised in his speech to Congress

Most presidents take responsibility for failed raids. Trump blamed the military.

"Still, Trump’s blunt refusal to accept personal responsibility for the Yemen raid burns because it marks such an incredible betrayal of his office and the awesome responsibility that our president must shoulder, especially in the national security sphere. A president who passes the buck is not one we can trust to lead our military or keep us safe."

Conway on the couch

The rightwing crazies went alpha sierra when Obama didn't wear a tie and put his feet up; the leftwing crazies are going alpha sierra over this Conway on the Couch nonsense. Good to see that both sides of the aisle are coming to grips with the vital issues of the day.

Kellyanne Conway on the couch

The 1500 pedophiles

The Trumpkins are making much of The 1500 Pedophiles, claiming that 'Trump has arrested 1500 ... etc etc etc.' since he took office.

That, like so much else, is sheer nonsense.

Here's the real story.

FBI hacked the Dark Web to bust 1,500 pedophiles

The FBI's 'Unprecedented' Hacking Campaign Targeted Over a Thousand Computers

The Feds seized the servers back in February of 2015. During Obama's regime. They gathered the data during 2015. During Obama's regime. The op was planned during 2015. During Obama's regime.

If Trump is so willing to blame Obama for the Yemen fiasco - because the planning, if not the execution, took place during the Obama regime ... then logically it would follow that the Bust of the 1500 would also be Obama's 'fault.'

Nope. The first is the fault of Obama and the generals; the second is nothing but Trumpian glory. Not gold-plated glory, though. Brass-plated, and so thin it's already wearing off.


"Nobody knew ..."

Trump: 'Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated'

“I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject,” Trump said. “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

How can one man be so unbelievably, complexly ignorant?

Where has he been the last six years?

Where was he between the time The Big O was elected, and the Dems shoved ACA down our throats - "... we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it ..."?

Tomorrow evening Ol' Heel Spurs gives his first prime time address to the nation. Hopefully he will be on his meds, otherwise, he's liable to make his lunatic presser back on the 16th look mild in comparison.

"Don't hide behind my son's death"

“Why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn’t even barely a week into his administration? Why? For two years prior, there were no boots on the ground in Yemen — everything was missiles and drones — because there was not a target worth one American life. Now, all of a sudden we had to make this grand display?’’
Remember when Spicer, Ol' Heel Spurs' babbling mouthpiece, claimed the mission was less than a success? Till John McCain said it was not? Then, Spicer and Ol' Heel Spurs displayed some of that Trumpian Outrage!™ and dragged Ryan Owens' name into the politics of it all? Anyone who questioned the mission was 'dishonoring' Ryan Owens' memory.
Ryan Owens' dad:
“Don’t hide behind my son’s death to prevent an investigation,” said the elder Owens, pointing to Trump’s sharp words directed at the mission’s critics, including Sen. John McCain.
“I want an investigation. … The government owes my son an investigation,” he said.
I guess Mr. Owens, a vet himself, didn't get the memo.
Remember all the Trumpkin Outrage!™ over Benghazi? But that was different. That was Hillary, despite what ... seven separate investigations saying otherwise?
And that *was* different. This is Trump. Trump gets a bye on this sort of thing. Because ... well ... this sort of thing gives all the Trumpkins the opportunity to beat the drum and wave the flag.
Can't question that.
Can't question Trump.
I'm waiting for Trump to blast Mr. Owens on Twitter.


"...we can make them disappear ..."

Why do people not trust ICE and DHS regarding immigration?
Here's one example:
"If you don't have enough evidence to charge someone criminally but you think he's illegal, we can make him disappear."
- James Pendergraph, Former Executive director of the ICE Office of State and Local Coordination, August 21, 2008, speaking at the Police Foundation's national conference on immigration issues.
"Make him disappear?"
OK, that was back in 2008. Given the levels of rhetoric we are seeing out of Ol' Heel Spurs and his Trumpkins, does anyone think that has changed?
The government of the United States can make people disappear?
No shit?
The GOP is always going on about 'American values.' I'm wondering how 'disappearing' people fits with that. It sounds more like something out of Pinochet's government. Which, come to think on it, was backed by the United States ... by our good ol' pals, Nixon and Kissinger. Well ... given the levels of rhetoric, it really doesn't seem all that far-fetched.
God bless America.

More bright shining lies ...

Here's an outstanding article from The Atlantic that describes precisely why the Trumpian attempts at manipulating intelligence - from the CIA, DIA, FBI, and other such sources, not Ol' Heel Spurs' own rather dubious smarts - are extremely dangerous.

The high cost of politicizing intelligence

The article dovetails very nicely with works that examine in varying detail how well that worked for other administrations. McMaster's "Dereliction of Duty" (outstanding read, BTW, readily available from Amazon); Ricks' "Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2003 to 2005;" Sheehan's "A Bright Shining Lie;" Halberstam's "The Best and the Brightest;" Shawcross' "Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon,and the Destruction of Cambodia;" Prochanu's "Once Upon a Distant War"... a series of testimonials to the death and misery caused by presidents and their sycophants when they politicize the intelligence agencies.

But what the hey ... it keeps the national cemeteries filled up, and gives the flag-wavin' super-patriots something to do on Veterans' Day. And it creates jobs! All those illegal workers, pumping out Gold Stars for windows across America ...

Another murder in Connecticut

Here's another illegal who committed murder in Connecticut. But Ol' Heel Spurs and Spicer don't want to point fingers at Malloy on that one because ...

Chadwick’s mother, Wendy Hartling, says she is working on introducing new laws in Connecticut to help change deportation policies and believes that had the ICE and The Department of Homeland Security done their jobs, her daughter might still be here.

An illegal immigrant who stabbed a young Connecticut woman to death after completing a 15-year sentence for murder couldn’t be deported by the U.S. government because his homeland, which receives billions in aid from Uncle Sam, wouldn’t take him back—three times! So federal authorities released the violent criminal, a Haitian national, and didn’t even bother tracking his whereabouts allowing him to commit yet another heinous crime."

[Casey] murdered Chadwick just five months after he was released from prison after serving 17 years for attempted murder in a separate case. Failed attempts to deport Jacques back to Haiti led ICE officials to set him free in early 2015.

Probably Obama's fault on that one, too. Why wouldn't Haiti take that guy back? Because ... he had no documentation to prove he was Haitian.

So once again, we ask the question ... if the illegal to be deported has no documentation to prove from whence she came, and the alleged nation of origin won't accept her without such documention - and who can blame them - what exactly is Ol' Heel Spurs going to do with these hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegals he wants to dispose of?

Do we need the equivalent of the Wannsee Protocol to make the Trumpkins happy?

Governor Malloy and Ol' Heel Spurs

Ol' Heel Spurs, Spicer, and the Trumpkins are going nuts over Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy's memo to Connecticut law enforcement and other state and local entities.
Malloy: “Law enforcement should not take action that is solely to enforce federal immigration law,” read Malloy’s memo to police chiefs. “The federal government cannot mandate states to investigate and enforce actions that have no nexus to the enforcement of Connecticut law or local ordinances.”
Malloy is addressing actions that 'solely' enforce immigration law. Not violations of state law. And, his memo is non-binding; he cannot force compliance from state and local authorities on this.
State and local law enforcement has limited resources. Rounding up a collection of illegals, undocumented workers, mojados, whatever you want to call them, who have otherwise not violated any state or local laws, drains those limited resources. If Ol' Heel Spurs and his Trumpkins want state and local law enforcement to start doing that, they better start diggin' deep for the detention facilities and the budgeting to run them, and the hiring of all the new staff to enforce federal immigration. It ain't happenin' on Ol' Heel Spurs' good looks.
The Trumpkins are making much of a vicious murder a couple of days back, up in Connecticut, by an illegal. Apparently, it's all Malloy's fault. Yet, Malloy has never even remotely advocated letting people like Oscar Hernandez, run around loose. Here's some background on Hernadez:
"Just over five years earlier, in December 2011, Hernandez was convicted in state Superior Court in Stamford of third-degree assault, second-degree threatening and reckless endangerment for a domestic violence incident against his girlfriend at the time, according to court records.
He walked out of the courtroom with a conditional discharge, a court order to stay away from the victim and court notice that he was going to be deported.
“Oscar Obedio Hernandez, a citizen of El Salvador, was issued a final order of removal by an immigration judge on Oct. 29, 2013. He was removed from the United States by ICE officers in Hartford, Connecticut on Nov. 27, 2013,” said Shawn Neudauer, spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement."
2013. Ah. It must be Obama's fault. If we had that wall, Hernandez would never have gotten back into the country. Probably wouldn't have gotten here in the first place.
Here's a better one, another illegal who committed murder in Connecticut:
"An illegal immigrant who stabbed a young Connecticut woman to death after completing a 15-year sentence for murder couldn’t be deported by the U.S. government because his homeland, which receives billions in aid from Uncle Sam, wouldn’t take him back—three times! So federal authorities released the violent criminal, a Haitian national, and didn’t even bother tracking his whereabouts allowing him to commit yet another heinous crime."
He murdered Chadwick just five months after he was released from prison after serving 17 years for attempted murder in a separate case. Failed attempts to deport Jacques back to Haiti led ICE officials to set him free in early 2015.
Probably Obama's fault on that one, too. Why wouldn't Haiti take that guy back? Because ... he had no documentation to prove he was Haitian. But Ol' Heel Spurs and Spicer don't want to point fingers at Malloy on that one because ...
Chadwick’s mother, Wendy Hartling, says she is working on introducing new laws in Connecticut to help change deportation policies and believes that had the ICE and The Department of Homeland Security done their jobs, her daughter might still be here.
How many illegals walk around with passports or anything else that proves their original citizenship? If Ol' Heel Spurs' ICE is going to use that lacking to justify letting 'em loose ... what's the point of all these roundups? Where are they going to stash 'em? Deportation 'centers?' Vast camps in the desert to hold these people?

Respecting the taxpayer

Spicer: “The president has been very clear on this, that if you are a sanctuary city, declared or undeclared, if you are providing benefits or services, we are gonna do everything we can to respect taxpayers and insure that your states follow the law.”
"Respect the taxpayers?"
From The Atlantic Monthly: "But there are still about 340 million unclaimed tax forms recorded in the file, compared to 270 million nearly a decade ago. A good portion of those forms were filed by employers on behalf of some of the most unlikely funders of Social Security: undocumented immigrants. In fact, illegal immigration is considered largely responsible for the mushrooming of the file, with undocumented workers paying billions in taxes for retirement benefits they will likely never receive."
It gets better. Remember all that whining, complaining, bitching, from the Trumpkins about how they are getting screwed out of Social Security bennies? How they will never get back from Social Security what they paid into it? Well ... it turns out the Trumpkins - and others, but especially the Trumpkins, since they are the ones doing the most virulent and mindless pissing and moaning about it - it turns out the Trumpkins are reaping the benefits of all those payments by illegals. Continuing from The Atlantic:
"Many immigrants who aren’t authorized to work in the United States buy fake Social Security cards and present them to their employers, who either don’t know they are fake or don’t look too closely. When the employer submits a W-2 form and a tax payment on those workers’ behalf to the Social Security Administration, the federal government holds onto those payroll taxes, even if the Social Security number isn’t linked to anyone on file. And then, a large chunk of that money ends up in the Social Security trust funds, from which retirement benefits are doled out to aging Americans.
The Social Security system has grown increasingly reliant on this stream of revenue, particularly as aging Baby Boomers start to retire."
I'd love for Ol' Heel Spurs and Spicer to explain to me how that is 'respecting' the taxpayers. Or do the Trumpkins just see that siphoning off of benefits from the illegals as their rightful due?