A taste of Trumpian reality

Here is a good article on the Monica Crowley plagiarism scandal, from WaPo:

The Trump Team's embarrassing defense of fraudulence

A few choice excerpts:

His team’s latest attempt to disorient the public came in response to a CNN investigation that found more than 50 plagiarized passages in a 2012 book by Trump’s choice to be deputy national security adviser, Monica Crowley. The Trump transition team’s response? “Any attempt to discredit Monica is nothing more than a politically motivated attack that seeks to distract from the real issues facing this country.”


The statement is a wonderful example of how Trump’s private universe works: If it’s beneficial to him, or flattering to people in his circle, then it’s true. If it’s unflattering, then it’s not merely false, it’s the result of malicious political motivations. And this particular attempt to push back against criticism suggests just how little is stable, unchanging and unerringly true in Trumpland.

Whether or not Crowley plagiarized large sections of her book is a factual question, not a partisan one. There is no sensible world in which copying someone else’s words is literary theft if you’re a Democrat, but an act of original creation if you’re a Republican. Your party affiliation does not change the answer to the question: Did Crowley write an original book on her own, or did she steal other people’s work and pass it off as her own for reasons only she can clarify?

The CNN reportage leaves little to the imagination regarding whether or not Crowley lifted the work of others.

What is truly astounding, what continues to be truly astounding, is how Trump and his Trumpkins can simply ignore facts, and react with the most blatant lies and truth-twisting ... all of which is sucked down like the world's most delicious Kool-Aid by Trumpkins.

Truth is of no consequence to Trump and his henchmen. It just gets in the way.