Barron Trump

SNL Writer Who Called Barron Trump a 'Homeschool Shooter' Has Been Suspended... 'Indefinitely'

This one is making the rounds on the various 'conservative' forums, as an example of the egregiously bad behavior of the Godless 'libtard' left.

Well ... we are in agreeance that it is egregiously bad behavior.

But that's not the end of it.

The 'conservatives' are bursting with pride that they do not stoop to such levels. Presumably because they are such good, outstanding examples of 'Christian' behavior, but the vote's still out on that one.

Because, you see, they do indeed stoop to such levels, and have, frequently. Here's just a few examples.

GOP aide's sneak attack on Obama daughters

Republicans Go Full Racist, Attack Obama’s Daughters For Attending Wedding

GOP Staffer Apologizes For Lecturing Obama Daughters To ‘Show A Little Class’

There's quite a bit more.

Or perhaps we're dealing with 'alternate facts' when it comes to the self-perceived 'clean living' of the 'Christian' Right.