Hoist by his own petard

Here's a pretty good editorial from the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Interestingly enough, there is no mention of CNN as purveyors of 'fake news.' Presumably, because they were not. In fact, it's a stretch to accuse BuzzFeed of publishing fake news; BF never claimed it was true. All they did was publish the documents, with this caveat: "The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors."

Editorial - With Trump 'bombshell,' fake news gains new life

The last paragraph is the best:

Turnabout is not necessarily fair play, but it bears noting that Trump spent years casting doubt on Barack Obama's citizenship. He has tweeted patently false statistics about black-on-white crime, asserted that global warming is a Chinese plot and claimed he watched "thousands" of people in Jersey City cheer when the Twin Towers fell, among an endless train of blatant lies. If America has grown overly tolerant of political lies, perhaps nobody bears more blame for that than the subject of what may be the latest one.

Meanwhile ... The thing about Ol' Gaslight paying hookers to urinate on the same bed in which the Obamas slept ... I dunno if it's true, but having watched the totally irrational ravings of the far right for the last eight years, over birth certificates and closet Muslimness and a somewhat swishy penchant for arugula, based on nothing but colonic vapors and a venal maliciousness that defies all sense of propriety, making a mockery of Christ's New Commandment ... it fits with Ol' Gaslight's mindset. That last is important because of The Eighty Percent, the four out of five white evangelical 'Christians' who voted for Trump. Tell me again how that John 13:34 thing works? I dunno if the golden shower thing is true but I certainly would not be surprised if it were. But at this point, what difference does it make. It's just 'locker room' stuff.  Like going on about grabbing wimmin by (insert descriptive term of choice). Apparently everyone does it; so ... doesn't everyone pay hookers to pee on them?

None of Ol' Gaslight's 'locker room' talk bothered in the least The Eighty Percent. I guess the Moral Majority is not quite so moral these days ... as if they ever were.

I'm thinking Daniel Craig should play the MI6 agent, Michael Kitchen (or perhaps Kenneth Branagh) can play the British ambassador, Dustin Hoffman can play Comey, Denzel can play The Big O, Adam Sandler can play McCain, they can hire some skinny hooker to play Melania and another to play Ivanka, Charley Sheen can play Jared Kustner ... and Ol' Gaslighter can be played by ... drrrrrrrrrummmmmmmroolllllllllll ... Alec Baldwin.